What does a humidifier do?

We all experience dry air caused by hot weather conditions or indoor heating during winter. So what   does a humidifier do for your well-being?

A humidifier is a machine that disperses water into the environment consequently moisturizing dry air. The mist may be cool or warm depending on the type of humidifier.

Do you prefer cool or warm mist?

The   humidifier  is useful  as  long as  it  is  used  to raise  the  humidity  to  the   right levels whether  in  summer  or  winter.

 So what is   right humidity   level?  Get  a  hygrometer  to  measure the  moisture  level  and  keep  it  between 30% and 50% (Source).  Should your reading be lower than 30%,    get the humidifier to moisturize the air.  If the humidity level is above 50, switch off the humidifier.

It’s  good  to note  that  if  the  humidity  is too  high, you  are likely  to    create  a favorable  environment    to grow  disease  causing germs fungi,  mold, dust mites.   When the hygrometer  reading is higher  than  recommended, it’s  time  to switch on the dehumidifier  to   soak in  the  excess moisture..

 Is a humidifier good for colds and   flu

Colds are caused by viruses. A virus   survives and   circulates faster in a dry environment.  The   virus  then   wreaks  havoc on your lungs, nose and throat.  Maintain the  right  humidity   and  reduce  the  incidence  or  the   severity of  cold  or  flu. 

According  to  a 2013 study  by Public  Library of  Service  (source),  one  hour  after releasing viral particles  in the air  with  a  relative humidity of 23% or less, 70-77% of viral particles retained their infectious capacity, but when humidity was increased to about 43%, only 14% of the virus particles were infectious.

And, the inactivation occurred within the first fifteen minutes of the viral particles being released in the high humidity condition. From the study findings, when you maintain humidity levels greater than 40%, infection capacity decreases. 

 You can find a humidifier to  relieve  the  cold or flu  here.

What does a humidifier do for sinuses

A humidifier relieves the sinus issues

Do you know the importance of sinuses in your respiratory system?  Well, they   produce the mucus that moisturizes the inside of your nose.  They  also  trap harmful particles  that  would  otherwise irritate the respiratory  system When the  sinuses  get inflamed, your nasal passages  get congested.

Get a humidifier to assist moisturize the air you breathe in and ultimately the nasal passages. Find out how to choose the best humidifier  for sinuses here

What does a humidifier do for bronchitis?

Dry air   inflames the bronchial tube linings deep in the lungs. The airways swells, thickens and produce excess mucus.  As a result, the airways decrease and a phlegmy cough develops.

One of the ways to manage this condition is to keep the air moistened. Switch on your humidify and maintain the humidity level between 30-50%.  Humidity is  said  to  be  good for lung health. (source)

Benefits of a humidifier for a cough

Dry air may worsen a cough. When you breathe in moist air, the mucus which is causing congestion is thinned out which makes it easy to expel. 

When   you get the humidifier running, the moist air moistens the dry throat.  As a result, the cough severity is reduced.

Does a humidifier help with nosebleeds?

You may sleep and   wake up to find some drops of blood on your pillow?  The  dry  air may be the   culprit as a dry nose may  cause  the  skin  to  dry  up resulting  in a  nosebleed.  Crank up the humidifying unit, moisturize the air and airways and reduce the incidence of nose bleeding

Is a humidifier good for asthma?

If you are asthmatic, dry air may trigger an attack. The  dry  air   may worsen  an attack as the  dry airways become  irritated,  swollen and  tighten  making  it  difficult to  breathe. Get  a  humidifier   to  moisturize  the  air  and thus  keep  the  airways  moist.

Sleeping with humidifier benefits

One of the things that disturb sleep is snoring.  The condition is caused by dry air passages and sinuses.  Keep the bedroom   environment moist and reduce the intensity of the snoring sounds   or eliminate it altogether.

What does a humidifier do for houseplants

Don’t we love plants in the living spaces? They not only add beauty but also help remove toxins out of the environment. But,  what  happens  when    we  move  these   plants   from their   humid  natural  environments into  the dry  home?  Some of  the plants  thrive  in the  80% humidity  levels  and  our  homes  could  be  at the  20%  levels especially  during  winter.

When   the  humidity in the home is low,  the  plants  loose moisture  at a  higher  rate  than they  are  absorbing. As  the  plant tries  to  protect  the  remaining  moisture, it  closes  the pores   and  soon  the  leaves  wither. Get  a humidifier  running to  raise  humidity in the  home  and  thus  keep  your  plants healthy.

Benefits of a humidifier for skin

Get the right humidifier running and get on the way to a glowing, radiant look every day.

For a softer more radiant skin, run a humidifier.  The dry air in your environment steals moisture from your skin resulting in reddish, rough, gray or ashy, itchy, flaking, scaling or peeling skin. You may even note lines, wrinkles or deep cracks on the skin.

Prevent static electric shocks with a humidifier

Dry air in the   home contributes to static electricity experienced as static shock, some garments sticking together or hair standing up even after brushing.   The shocks may even push you across the room when you pet the cat.

What does a humidifier   do for wooden furniture, furnishings, walls etc.

Wood can gain or lose   moisture   depending on the surrounding environmental conditions. Have  you that when   the   environment  is dry,  wood loses moisture, contracts  and  you  notice peeling,  cracks or  splits on your  wooden  furniture/fixtures/  musical instrument/ fine  art?

You may also have noted the creaking and cracking sounds. That’s the effect of dry air.   Contrary,  when the  humidity  level  is  high,  the  wood  holds  more  moisture in the  cells which then  pushes the  fibers apart and  volume  increases. 

Operating  the  humidifying unit  to  keep  the  right humidity  levels ensures  the  right  moisture  content is  maintained  in the  furniture/ furnishings and  thus  prolonging  the durability.

Benefits of a humidifier for the voice

Dry air does not spare your vocal cords.  They get clogged and you wake up with a growl.  Run a humidifier overnight and wake up to your normal voice.

What does a humidifier do   to a healing   process-Faster Healing Times

When  recuperating  from  respiratory conditions,  keep the  humidifying unit  running overnight to  keep  the  airways  moist. You are   most likely to heal faster.

What is the effect of a humidifier on the heating Bill

It feels warmer in humid environments than it does in lower humidity level environments.  This    means that when you add moisture in the environment, the air will feel warmer.  You can then reduce the room heater reading and thus save on electricity bills.

 Is the humidifier useful for babies?

Running a humidifier has an additional benefit   for babies.  The  white  noise  the  humidifier produces resonates  with  the whooshing sounds the baby heard in the womb and  thus  acting as  a  lullaby. The noise also drowns out household noises from the TV, dogs barking or children playing. Get the best  baby humidifier   and  let your  baby  sleep  comfortably.


 From the  aforementioned,  it  is  quite  clear  that    the  humidifier  is  a  useful  appliance when preventing  or  managing  several  health  or  environmental conditions.  While  using  the  humidifying unit,  keep    a  tab  at  the   hygrometer readings to  ensure you maintain  the   humidity level between  30-50%.

 Happy misting!

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