Safest Space Heater for Nursery  and Baby Room [2021 Best safe heaters buying guide and reviews]

My baby just won’t stay under the blankets and the nursery is freaking cold! How do I keep the room warm this winter?  Is there anything like a child safe space heater? If so, how do I choose the safest space heater for nursery and baby room?

What you will get in this post

What does a parent do when the nursery and baby room gets too cold?

Features to look out for when choosing the safest space heater for nursery

Safe (and best) space Heater for Baby room reviews

What are the necessary precautions to take once you have bought your safest  heater for child’s room?

Baby  room safe space heater final thoughts

NameSafety featuresDetails 
Vornadobaby TempaTip over switch, overheat protection, cool touch, locked control panelMore info
Dr. Infrared HeaterHumidifier, UL listed, Tip over switch, overheat protection, More info
Honeywell DeluxeEnergy smart, Tip over switch, overheat protection, cool touch, More info
Keynice Electric TableOscillates,Tip over switch, overheat protectionMore info
DeLonghi EW7707CB ComforTemp Oil-Filled enery saving,Tip over switch, overheat protection, cool touchMore info
New Age Phantomwall mounted, TUV rated for safe home useMore info
DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Portable/wall mountable, Tip over switch, overheat protectionMore info

What does a parent do when the nursery and baby room gets too cold?

Whereas an adult can adorn extra layers of clothing, you have been warned not to bundle your bundle of joy. That if you do, you could be inviting suffocation or Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)!

When (not if) you find yourself in this scenario, you have some options like;

Move baby into your room

You may decide to move the baby and crib into your room or simply tuck in the baby into your bed. While sharing your room is okay, bed sharing is not.

Dress up the baby in warm clothing

What about double layering the long sleeved PJs, socks, a hoodie to cover the head and cover that up with a footed zippered blanket sleeper. While at it, choose the clothing that is made of flannel rather than cotton material.

Cover them up

If your baby is not the kind that simply refuses to stay under blankets, cover them. Or use a sleeping bag.  Or an electric blanket, hot water bottle or a heater-pack.

However, use these heating aids just to warm up the bed but remove them before tucking in your baby to prevent burns or overheating or electromagnetic waves.

While at it, ensure that you do not leave loose beddings that could cause suffocation.

Check the duct work

When was the last time a clean-up was done? Cleaning up may get you more warm air in the room. While at it, close some of the vents that are in other rooms which could result in more vented warm air into the nursery or baby room. You could also check if there are dampers that are closing off parts of the duct work. Other parents switch on ceiling fans and keep them at low to keep the air circulating and the temperatures consistent in the different rooms.

Insulate the room

Get the room well insulated. Plastic wrap the windows. You could also roll up a hand towel over the window sill. Use heavy drapes that will not only keep out the cold but the sun as well. If your floor is hardwood, install a carpet or area rug.

Get the safe heating for baby room

Yes, you can get the nursery warming up to the right temperatures via a kid friendly safe  space heater. Modern room heaters have been designed with advanced safety features. These baby safe space heaters can be wall/ceiling mounted or portable.

Features to look out for when choosing the safest space heater for  nursery and baby room

Children are naturally curious and they will make a point of investigating whatever is in the environment without knowing the consequences thereof. As a parent, it is therefore vital that whatever is in the nursery or baby room is safe.

Quite a number of reported fires are caused by absence of critical safety features or wrong management of  space heaters. In this section, we will review the most critical safety features the child safe heater should have. Later in the article, we get a write up on best way to manage your chosen room heating unit.

You also get a review of some of the best baby  safes space heaters for nursery. As you go through the heater’s features, Can you answer the questions below in the affirmative?

Safety features

Does the safest heater for nursery and baby room in consideration have a cool touch surface?

Babies are curious and they will most likely touch the heater. Get a tick here and protect your little one from burns, resultant hospital bills and emotional turmoil.

Does the  best baby room space  heater in consideration have an inbuilt automatic overheat protection?

As you get into the business of managing the many things-to-do, you may just forget to switch off your heater. In such a case, and thanks to the sensor that detects that the temperature has hit unsafe temperatures, the heater automatically shuts down. This action not only saves your baby from overheating but also prevents fire.

Does the safe heating  unit have a Tip-Over Protection Switch?

We are dealing with babies here and don’t they have an affinity of knocking things over? You may think that you are safe that they are in bed but they can still throw something directed at the heater!

Choose the room  heater  safe  for  infants with a Tip over protection and the heating unit is automatically switched off when knocked over.

Are the Grille slats too wide?

Does the toddler safe heater for  baby  room have a fan to distribute the warm air? Then make sure the openings on grate around the fan are small enough to keep the little fingers away from the fan.

Can you mount the heating unit on the wall?

You would be more comfortable knowing that the heater is safely out of the child’s reach or they cannot push it around.

Is the heater certified?

The best space heater for baby room carry a safety certification label from independent testing organizations. Watch out for certificates from UL (Underwriters Laboratory), ETL (Intertek), or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) which ascertain that the heating unit  meets all voluntary safety standards.

Heat control features

It is critical that you maintain the right temperature in the nursery and baby room.  Therefore watch out for the following features;

 Programmable or manual Thermostats

You get to program the programmable thermostats and the heater will produce less or more heat as the room temperature changes. When you get a heater with a manual thermostat, please remember to periodically monitor the room temperature   and adjust the thermometer up or down accordingly.

Programmable Timers

Other that switching off your safest heater for  child’s room at a certain time and turning it on a particular time, the programmable timer will automatically it switch on /off as needed. The timer helps save energy since you only use power only when the safe room heater for nursery is needed.

Energy-Saving Modes

Look out for Multiple Heat Settings

With multiple settings, you can control the temperature of a room more effectively as well adjust according to room size.

You will also note that some of the safest heaters for baby room  have inbuilt  energy-efficient operating modes that can help save energy.

Portability features

Wheels and/or Handles

Will you be moving the baby  safe space heater around the room? Then get one that has either wheels and/or a grip handle.


A compact, light, small heater is certainly easier to move around.

Power connectivity features

Long Sturdy cord

Whereas most safe space heaters for baby room come with a 6-feet cord, some people prefer a long cord. But, NEVER use an extension cord with an electric heater as it may not support the power requirements and may cause a blow up.

Power outlet

Make sure the power outlet can match and support the  kid friendly heater power requirements

Health/ Convenience features

Avoid heaters that emit carbon monoxide (gas, kerosene, wood or coal) to prevent poisoning except in a real emergency like a massive power outage. Whereas adults may note that they are experiencing poisoning, your baby won’t. Moreover, your smoke alarm will only alert you when the levels are already too dangerous for baby

Noise Level

The kid safe space heater should be silent enough to allow for undisturbed sleep. Look out for the decibel rating- the higher, the louder.

AC and Fan-only modes

Space heaters are seasonal but you can look out for heaters that offer AC and fan-only modes that allows for all year use.

Legible digital thermometer readings

Well, you can see the temperature readings especially those placed on top part of the  heater.

Remote Control

It would be nice to manage the various controls conveniently via a remote control from anywhere in your room.


The longer the warranty, the better.

Baby room safe space Heater reviews

The secure baby  room  heater that is specifically designed for this purpose: The Vornadobaby Tempa

safe space heater for  baby  room

Space heater baby safety features

Vornado Sunny nursery heater will automatically shut off to prevent overheating. Furthermore in case of a tip over, this safe heater for baby room  will switch off.

It also comes with a coil free design and as such has a cool-touch exterior preventing burns. Moreover, with the locking control panel, the kids cannot access or adjust the heat settings.

Heat control

With this safest space  heater for nursery and baby room, you get two heat settings and a “CribSide temperature sensor” which helps with heat management. The automatic climate control will adjust the heat output and airflow to deliver the right amount of heat.

The safe heating unit has a fan that continues to circulate and regulate air which   means there are no hot spots in the nursery and baby room. Vornadobaby Tempa also comes with a programmable timer to allow you set the time when you want the heater on or off.

This baby room heater also has a fan-only option which means you get to use it beyond the cold season.

Energy saving

Vornadobaby Tempa uses a special type of vortex airflow system to heat the whole room. As such, you can choose where it is most safe and your baby will still enjoy the much needed warmth.


It is small and easily portable


You will simply love the fact that this baby safe space heater comes with a 5-Year Guarantee


  • You will love the that this kid safe heater has no sharp edges.
  • The locked controls and the hidden and covered cord storage rocks!
  • And the cool touch feature is a great for baby while the 5 year guarantee makes this heater an obvious choice.
  • What about that Vornadobaby Tempa is whisper quiet?


  • You may have to bear with some clicking sounds when Vornadobaby is running

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The best nursery heater with a  humidifier : Dr. Infrared Heater Portable

Safest space heater for nursery and baby room... Dr. Infrared Heater Portable compressed 3

Child safe heater Dr Infrared

Power connectivity

Dr. Infrared Heater uses a standard 110v 3 prong outlet

Room size

1000 square feet

Space heater baby safety features

Dr. Infrared Heater has an inbuilt over heat and tip-over safety features and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA & Canada for safety

Heat control

It also has an electronic thermostat that allows you to choose temperatures between 50-85 degrees. Moreover, you can program the temperature ranges on a timer.

Energy saving

This dual system child safe space heater saves energy by combining PTC and Quartz Infrared elements to generate high heat transfer rates. It also comes with a high-velocity fan that silently distributes the heat to the whole nursery and baby room.

And you have a choice from three heat settings- high, low or auto.

Set this energy saving heater between 1000W and 1500 watts but you get to enjoy more heater than your regular average 1500 watt models.


The caster wheels makes it easy roll this kid safe heater around.


Dr. Infrared Heater comes with a 3 year USA warranty. You also get a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. And it comes with a low noise blower with level of only 39 dBs.


  • You will love the safety features
  • quick heat
  • silent
  • budget friendly
  • nice solid wood feel
  • Save on humidifier  cost as the inbuilt one keeps the room moist


  • The humidifier bottle not lasting long
  • Visible controls may require that you use a barrier to prevent  your child from adjusting settings
  • You will have to bear with the fan turning off and on to check room temperature

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The EnergySmart  baby room space  heater:  Honeywell Deluxe Energy Smart Cool Touch Heater

 Safest space heater for nursery and baby room Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart

Power connectivity


Room size

Medium to large

Space  heater baby Safety features

To ensure safe heating for baby room, Honeywell Deluxe comes  with an inbuilt Tip Over Safety Protection  & an Overheat Protection Device. It also has a cool touch safety housing. Moreover, it has a sturdy wide base and thus not easily tipped over

Heat control

With this child space heater, you get a Programmable thermostat & 2 heat settings.  The heating unit oscillates to warm up the entire nursery and baby room

Energy saving

Honeywell Deluxe comes with EnergySmart Technology which regulates power consumption and thus saves you up to 35% on energy bills when compared with other conventional heaters.

This best nursery space heater comes with an energy use indicator which allows you to know how much energy the heater is using.

You can also make use of the three different heat settings depending on your desired room temperature. The energy use will be regulated by the temperature set


Small enough to move around


You can easily tell what the room temperature is and what you set it to be through the digital smart technology.  Moreover you get a 3 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Great safety features
  • Low cost
  • Digital display


Temperature on digital display on this best heater for babies room does not reflect the exact room temperature  but play around with the controls and you will get the right position.

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The reliable small room  baby  heater : Keynice electric table

Safest space heater for nursery and baby room... Keynice electric table compressed 3

child friendly heater Keynice


Plug this   2 prong heater to a 120V AC port

Heat control

Depending on the room temperature desired in the nursery/baby room, set the heater to a High (950W) or low heating (550W) setting.

 Energy saving

This 950W electric heater adopts PTC heating  to deliver quick heat . This energy saving heater will warm up the nursery and baby room quickly with no warm up period. Keynice manufacturer claims   “Fast warmth within 3 seconds”.

Press the rotation button on the top panel and start enjoying the 90 degree angle rotation (45 degrees on each side) function for wide angle even heating.

Space  heater baby Safety

This child safe baby heater has an inbuilt overheat protection. You also get a tip over shut off. Mounts to the wall.


Catch the carry handle at the back of the small Keynice Electric Table Heater and get moving to the next destination.


You will love the control panel conveniently placed on top of this quiet space heater. It also comes with a 12 months warranty


  • You get quick and quiet personal space heating in the nursey and baby room
  • The 90 degree Rotation heating will get more space heated
  • Great Safety features
  • Your baby’s sleep will not be interfered with as this toddler  safe space heater is quiet
  • Sleek space saving design


  • No temperature setting but a high or low
  • No timer or remote
  • The heater will not heat up large spaces
  • The newly heated plastic smells-once you buy it run it for some time outdoors
  • The grille surface gets hot

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The Energy saving best oil heater for  baby  room / nursery: DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp

Safest space heater for nursery and baby room DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp compressed 3

safe heater for baby DeLonghi

Power supply

Plug it to a 110V port

Room size

Get your 150 square feet room efficiently heated using the slow to warm up, slow to cool 1500 Watts/ 1200Watts DeLonghi EW7707CB ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator heater.

Efficiency features

What about saving up to  27% on your heating?  Then, make use of the ComforTemp setting which maintains room temperature between 68 and 70 degrees F. This is the right temperature for nursery and baby room

How would you like the fact that you continue enjoying heat from a switched off safest space heater for baby room? Once the oil in the sealed fins heat up, you continue enjoying comfortable heat even after shut down or lowered the heat settings. Moreover, this pure diathermic oil doesn’t require refilling.

Heater control

You can set the safe heater for baby room on three heat settings- high low or auto. The heating power settings on the 1200 Watt heater are: Min – 500W Mid – 700W and Max – 1200W. On the1500 Watt setting, you can set to Min – 700W,Mid – 800W and Max – 1500W.

You can also make use of the thermostat to regulate room temperatures. This child safe space heater can also detect low temperatures and automatically switch on and thus prevent freezing.

Safety features

Automatic shut off if the baby safe  heater overheats or tips over. The thermos-slots prevent the surface from getting too hot to touch.  And the gently rounded design enhances the safety features.


DeLonghi EW7707CB ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator heater  has an easy control panel that you can easily understand and use. You also get to appreciate the wrap around cord design. This silent heater is constructed with rust-resistant durable metal.


Take special note of the snap down wheels that assists you to move the heater along. The wheels are wide enough to prevent tipping over.


  • Comfortemp setting saves you 27% on the heating energy bill
  • Three temperature settings at low/ high/auto
  • Saves energy as this  best nursery heater radiates heat after shut down
  • No more freezing as the Antifreeze setting turns the heater on if the temperature falls undesirably low.
  • Surface does not get too hot due to the Thermal slots
  • Budget friendly


  • No remote
  • Takes time to warm up but continues radiating heat after switching it off

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The  High Efficiency reliable heating Space Heater for nursery and baby  room: DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

safest space heater for nursery and baby room Delonghi Mica Panel

Space heater  baby Safety features

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater can be set on the floor, or mounted on the wall to get it out of the child’s way. This baby safe heater comes with an internal tip-over switch in case of accidental knock over.

The outer surface remains warm not hot to touch and you have the choice of mounting it up out of the child’s reach

Heat control

Set this electric room heater on high (1500Watts) or low (750Watts) settings or make use of the inbuilt thermostat to set your desired room temperature.

Energy saving

This safe heater for child’s room will provide you with consistent multi-directional heating through the mica-thermic technology.

Portability features

Make use of the carrying handle and caster wheels to move this lightweight child safe space heater around.  You also have a choice to mount it on a wall.


This best nursery heater is pretty thin and thus occupies little space.  This  silent heater  warms up the nursery and baby room as it has no fan or blower.


  • Great safety features
  • Highly efficient
  • Occupies little space with the option of wall mounting
  • It’s quiet


  • No remote
  • No option to choose own temperature. You choose from a range  between 1-6

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Wall mounted room heating for  baby : New Age Phantom 4 wall Panel Heater

 Safest space heater for nursery and baby room New Age Living Phantom 4

Power connectivity

Plug this 400W to a 120v electrical systems only with standard North American two or three prong sockets.

Room size

120 square feet room

Space heater baby safety features

This best heater  for babies room is TUV rated for safe home use

Heat control

New age phantom 4 comes equipped with a thermostat

Energy saving

This 400W wall mount heater can heat up to 120 square feet room. It heats up using both radiant and convection heating methods. The heat is distributed heat using air convection currents.

New Age Phantom does take longer to heat but it is energy efficient as there are no moving parts.


This safest room  heater with a baby is wall mounted.


The child  safe room  heater has  a sleek, modern flat design to compliment your room decor.


Great for light sleepers as it is silent


You would have to mount it high as it gets hot to touch or build some form of protection around it to keep off those little prying hands.

What are the necessary precautions to take once you have bought your safest space heater for nursery and baby room?

Once you unpack the heating unit, Read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and warning labels. However some of the general safety precautions are as under;

Inspect it

It is better to be safe than sorry. Before you use the best heater for child’s room, inspect for defects. In case of defects, return it if you are within the guarantee period.

Place it right

Create a 3 foot buffer zone. At all times, make sure no inflammable materials such as furniture, wall hanging, papers, bedding, curtains etc. get into this zone.

Do not place your safest space heater for nursery and baby room behind a door.

Place the  safe heater on a hard, level, and non-flammable surface and where possible out of your child’s reach. If not, have a barrier so that the baby will not reach it.

Connect it right

Connect your safest  heater  for  nursery and baby room  directly to power outlet and NOT to an extension cable or power strip. The extension cable cannot handle the power requirements which may result in fire.

If you must use an extension cable, let it be the heavy duty one that bears the UL or ETL certification mark.

While at it, make sure the cord is not likely to become a tripping hazard but that does not mean you place the cord under objects such as rugs.  Also, keep the cord stretched out to prevent heat build-up that would melt the insulation and thus cause fire.  Make sure that nothing sits on the cord.

DO NOT plug other electrical devices in the same power outlet with your safest heater for baby room this may cause overheating.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms plus a fire extinguisher

And test them monthly

Man it

DO NOT leave the safe heater for baby room  unattended especially if the baby is awake. Children may throw toys around and if it lands on/close to the nursery heater, it may cause fire. When not in use, unplug the child safe space heater and store it out of the child’s reach.

What about leaving it on sleeping?

The toddler safe heater have great safety features but most parents are not confident to leave them on in case of a malfunction.  Some parents warm the room, dress the baby warmly and then switch off when going to sleep.

Maintain it

Regularly check the best nursery heater for any wear and tear on  cord (fraying wires) and electrical outlet. Discontinue use if damages are observed.

At the same time, also check the space around your best heater for baby room and ensure that it is free of combustible  materials or other leaking appliances.

Manage the temperatures

Make use of the safest heating for nursery heat control features to ensure the baby room temperature is just right. Remember a hot room increases the risk of Sudden infant death (SIDS).

Moreover, babies sleep best at cooler temperatures than most adults. When setting the temperature, consider the location of the nursery, how well insulated it is, how baby is dressed etc. However, most parents set the temperature around 65-70.

The safest space heater for nursery and  baby room is not a drier

You may be tempted to dry towels, clothing, or other items on your nursery heater. This is not advisable  as the  clothes may catch fire.

Manage your children

Train your children NOT to touch, move, or to adjust the safest  heater for  baby room controls.

Heaters dry the air as well as kick out dust/ bacteria and you should watch out for the symptoms under;

Is baby’s skin/eyes dry or itchy?

As it were, the cold will dry your baby’s skin and the heat/dry air will only aggravate situation.  Deal with the resultant itching and chapping by applying pediatrician recommended natural oils, creams, eye drops and ointments

Flus/other infections

The baby’s air passage may also get dry exposing the baby to flus and other infections. The closed rooms aggravate the situation as the bacteria in the air remain in the room longer.

Make use of a pediatrician recommended Best humidifier for baby  room or better still get a bowl of water in the room or have a hot shower run for some time and the humidity levels will increase.  You may also decide to give the baby less baths.  Distract the baby when they start picking the nose.

Baby overheating

So how can a parent tell if the baby is too warm? Check if the back, ears or forehead is hot. Overheating may increase the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It is thus important to choose a heater with a thermostat that maintains the room temperature at the right temperature (around 70 degrees). And then place the heater a safe distance from baby.


Avoid this.  Get the  safest  space heater  for  nursery and  baby  room and only switch it on only when an adult is in attendance.

Keep the baby hydrated

Is your normally bubbly baby dull and lethargic? Do they have sunken eyes or fontanel or cold hand and feet? And they have not passed urine for 5-6 hours? Dehydration may be setting in and though there may be other causes, the dry air aggravates the condition.

As a precaution, give your baby water at regular intervals. While at it, avoid carbonated drinks.

Safest space heater for nursery and baby room final thoughts

You want to keep the nursery and baby room warm and space heaters are a great investment to this end. From this article, you have a clear picture of the safety features that your safest space heater for nursery and baby room should have.

Make your choice from the heaters listed above, And when you  purchase that  heater, remember to follow  general and manufacturer safety instructions  and warning labels to minimize the risk of burns, infections, gas poisoning and fire hazards.

Kick out the chill, keep in the warmth while creating beautiful memories with your baby.

And please share those  memories with us.

Happy parenting!

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