Quietest portable air conditioner [2021 ultra quiet AC units buying guide & reviews]

Is the sweltering heat giving you sleepless nights? Would you like to reduce the energy consumed by the whole-house central conditioning? Could you be living in a rented apartment where you are not allowed to place a window /wall AC? Or could you be looking at cooling certain warm spots in the home, office, server rooms etc.  As someone would say, “Do your sweaty self a favor and get the quietest portable air conditioner that will not only blow some cool air your way but also do so quietly.”

Before you make your choice of the  silent AC unit, let’s  summarize what you get in this  guide; 

Ultra Quiet  air conditioning  comparison table

Considerations when choosing the quiet air conditioner

Quietest portable AC reviews

  1. Emerson Quiet Kool 10,000 BTU

2.       Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000BTU

 3.      Whynter ARC-122DS 12000 BTU

4.        Toyotomi TAD-T40LW 14000 BTU

5.        Hisense super quiet 12000BTU

Tips and precautions while using the portable air conditioning that is  quiet

Final thoughts on the quiet Portable AC


Quietest Portable air conditioning unit comparison table

Portable AC BrandDecibelssizeRoom Size (Sq. Ft.)Details  
​Emerson Quiet Kool 5310000350More info
Honeywell MN10CESWW 5310000300-450More info
Whynter-ARC-122DHP<5212000400More info
Toyotomi TAD-T40LW57high 55 low14000600More info
Hisense AP12CR1G47 low12000400

Considerations when choosing the portable AC which  is silent

1.      What is your room size Vs the ultra quiet  AC BTU capacity

Air conditioner’s capacity is rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The portable ACs with higher BTU ratings cover bigger spaces.  The right room size air conditioning unit saves on energy and cost.

Therefore, ensure that you know the square footage   of your room and then compare against the portable air conditioning  unit for  home specifications.  Apart from the room / space size, factor in

  • The ceiling height… Is it more than the usual 8 feet? Then, you may need to increase the BTUs.
  • How many people are regularly using the room…The regular BTU on the table is allowed for 2 people. Add 600 BTUs for every extra person.
  • Will the ultra  quiet air  conditioner be used in the kitchen? The kitchen is a place where heat is constantly being generated. Add 4000 BTUs to the kitchen size capacity.
  • Is your room shaded or exposed to direct sunlight? Increase the BTU capacity upwards by 10% if exposed and vice versa.

Having considered your room conditions as noted above, adjust the BTU capacity given on the table below;

 Room sizeBTUs Capacity Needed Per Hour
100 - 150 sq. ft.5,000 BTUs
150 - 250 sq. ft.6,000 BTUs
250 - 300 sq. ft.7,000 BTUs
300 - 350 sq. ft.8,000 BTUs
350 - 400 sq. ft.9,000 BTUs
400 - 450 sq. ft.10,000 BTUs
450 - 550 sq. ft.12,000 BTUs
550 - 700 sq. ft.14,000 BTUs
700 - 1,000 sq. ft.18,000 BTUs
1,000 - 1,200 sq. ft.21,000 BTUs
1,200 - 1,400 sq. ft.23,000 BTUs
1,400 - 1,500 sq. ft.23,000 BTUs
1,500 - 2,000 sq. ft.30,000 BTUs
2,000 - 2,500 sq. ft.34,000 BTUs

2.       Is the movable room AC unit quiet?

Well, every machine that generates airflow will certainly produce noise. Your quiet room AC  unit will thus produce some noise. This noise level is measured in decibels and you will find the noise level in the technical specification of the AC unit.

The higher the decibel (dB) levels, the more the noise. As such, look out for the AC unit with lower decibel levels.  Select those in the 50’s or less as this the noise level of a  quiet conversation  at home (source).

It is good to note that on the decibel scale, the noise level will double with every 10 units. This means that the difference between 45 decibels and 55 decibels is 100% more noise!

If your room size is closer to the upper limit, you may have to constantly run the thin  vertical  air  conditioner for home on high setting in order to effectively cool the room.

This follows that the noise level will always be high.  What about choosing a higher BTUs capacity air conditioning unit and then operating it on lower less noise setting?

3.      How will you vent / exhaust your silent Portable Air conditioning unit?

You will need an exit such as a window, wall, sliding door ceiling etc. to vent the hot air. It is important that you do not exhaust into an attic or crawl space.  Look out for that quiet portable AC unit that comes with the exhaust hose and window adapter kit.

4.      How will you dispose the moisture removed from the room?

Most portable air conditioners dehumidify the air.  Your choice of the quietest  AC unit may be disposing the moisture as under;

  • The movable room air  conditioner unit may be designed to condense the moisture into a drip bucket or pan. You will then empty every 2-6 hours depending on pan size  and humidity in the air
  • It may have a Drainage Hose that channels the  water into a drain or out of the window
  • The  portable AC low  noise  unit may be designed to Self-evaporate such that the moisture is released as water vapor that is mixed with the heat exhaust. All the more reason why you do not vent indoors.

5.      Where will you place the low  noise portable air conditioner unit?

As mentioned above, you will need to vent the aircon. Therefore, have a window or other exit close by. While at it, make sure you have enough space to fit the AC and allow some space around it.

6.      What is the electrical power specifications/ plug type in the home?

Most homes have the 125V/15A electrical power specifications.  The quiet portable air conditioner which is less than 15000 BTU is compatible with 125V/15A outlets. Confirm that the desired thin  vertical  air  conditioner is compatible or requires higher specifications which may require an upgrade.

7.  How energy efficient is the quiet AC?

Be on the look-out the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the silent room  AC. The EER refers to the number of BTUs the low  noise portable air conditioning unit uses for each watt of power. The higher the EER, the higher the efficiency.  According to the The U.S. Department of Energy, an EER of at least 10.0 saves energy and running cost.

8.      Filter

Be on the look-out for a washable filter to catch impurities in the air  as well as  protect and extend the life of the quietest air conditioning  unit.

9.      How portable is the most silent air  conditioner unit?

If you plan to be moving about with your low noise portable AC unit, be on the look-out for the one that has casters /wheels and easy grip handles.

10. Additional features

Look-out for special features   such as;

  • Sleep mode… Your silent  AC could also save you energy if it has a sleep mode function. When operating on sleep mode, the AC increases the temperature by a few degrees while you sleep and then back to your desired level by the time you wake up.
  • Oscillating louvers: Portable Air con units  that have oscillating louvers or a multi-directional air flow  evenly  distribute cool air
  • Easy to use Controls: The controls may be digital or manual
  • Remote control for your convenience
  • 24-hour timer: You use this feature to program the portable AC to turn on or off as desired without your personal intervention.

Quietest portable air conditioner reviews

Emerson Quiet Kool 10,000 BTU:  Most silent  AC 52dBa.

Quietest portable air conditioner...Emerson Quiet cool 10000 BTU

Room size

This quiet portable air conditioner efficiently cools rooms up to 350 square feet.

Noise level

Emerson Quiet Kool is quiet operating at a Decibel Rating  of  52 dBA


Cooling mode. This silent 10000 BTU movable AC (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 6100 BTU (DOE 2017 Standard)   air conditioner has 4 cool settings

Fan Mode. Select your choice of speed from the  3 fan speeds (low, medium and high)

Dry mode.  Dehumidification up to 76 pints per day


Easily install this silent  portable AC unit using the included window venting kit.  Connect the 5.9 ft. long LCDI power cord with NEMA 5-15 plug to a standard 115-Volt electrical outlet.

Moisture removal

You will love the Auto-evaporation technology and single-hose exhaust system.


The easy to access filter  keeps your environment healthier as it reduces bacteria, room odors and other air impurities. You also get a filter light reminder to clean up the filter.

Energy efficiency

Emerson Quiet Kool  has an Energy efficiency ratio of 8.9


This ultra low  noise portable air conditioning  unit is U.L. listed


The rolling casters are omni-directional  to assist you easily move the air conditioning unit. Moreover, you can use the side handles to lift/ carry the aircon.

Additional features

  • 1-2-5 years warranty (12 months labor, 24 months parts and 60 months compressor)
  • 24-hour timer allows you to preset the time to turn on or off the Emerson Quiet Kool portable air conditioner
  • You also can operate this silent air conditioner on Sleep mode
  • Furthermore, you get an easy to use digital display
  • Moreover, you can electronically vary temperature rom 62°F to 86°F. Make use of the Remote control the various portable AC unit features from anywhere in the room
  • Should you experience a power outage, this portable AirCon unit will Auto-Restart  and resume previous settings


  • Great at cooling your 200 square feet room fast
  • Real quiet single  hose AC
  • Easy clean filter
  • Light enough to move around
  • Good compact design
  • Easy install


  • Though the unit operates quietly, some noise  is  experienced when the compressor  turns on

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Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000BTU: Quietest  portable  Air conditioner with thermal overload protector on the compressor


Room size

You can use this quiet tower air conditioner to cool  and dehumidify room 300- 450 square feet.

Noise level

You will love the Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000BTU Quiet operation (53 dbA). 54 dBa represents the noise from an average two people conversation.


Cooling. This 10000 BTU (ashrae-128 standard)/5500 BTU (doe+ 2017 standard) will powerfully cool your room.

Dehumidification. When the humidity level is beyond the recommended 30-50, choose the dehumidification mode. In this mode, you will get the excess moisture continuously drained out up to 80.1 pints of moisture per day. Just connect to a standard garden hose tube to ensure continuous draining.

Fan Mode. Make your choice of fan speed from 3 speeds (low, medium, high).

Controls. This quiet AC portable unit comes with digital controls, a 24-hour energy saving timer & remote for convenient control.


Is your window vertical or horizontal?  With the easy install window kit, you can install this quiet portable air conditioner on either. The bracket is adjustable (19.7-38.2 or 47.2).

This portable air conditioner quietly comes with the venting kit needed including a flexible exhaust hose. The window vent can be removed when the unit is not in use.

Moisture removal

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000 BTU AC Auto evaporates. You only drain if you live in high humidity areas or if the room has a higher humidity. In such a case, the AC unit come as with dual drainage to allow for continuous drainage when the quietest portable AC is  being used as a dehumidifier.


Enjoy clean air as washable filter catches and reduces impurities in the air. You can easily clean up the filter under a faucet.  The washable filtration system  protects & extends the life of the quiet portable air conditioning unit.

Energy efficiency

Make use of the 24-hour energy saving timer to program and smart digital thermostat cooling as and only when desired.


Use the smooth-gliding caster wheels to provide easy mobility from one room to another


The thermal overload protection on the compressor and motor means extra safety precautions for added endurance and peace of mind.

Additional features

  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • In addition , you get a Full-function remote control which allows you to control the AC unit at your convenience
  • Furthermore,Front panel Digital LED feather touch controls display is easy to read
  • Moreover, the 24-Hour ON/OFF Programmable Timer allows you to decide when to have the quiet AC on or off as desired
  • And you have a 1 year limited warranty and a US customer service line
  • Sleep mode… Yes, you can set this quiet AC unit to sleep mode and enjoy the savings that go with it


  • Efficiently cools the room
  • Real Easy to set-up and use
  • Washable filter
  • Full control remote


  • Plastic sliding window sealers and pins flimsy
  • Some users find the exhaust hose a bit short and end up extending it

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 Whynter ARC-122DS 12000 BTU: Quietest Portable air  conditioner whose components are lead free RoHS Compliant

Quietest portable air conditioner...Whynter ARC-122DS

Room size

This 17″ Width, 6″ Depth, and 29.5″ Height quiet air conditioner will keep your 400 square feet room comfortably  cool.

Noise level

You will simply love the low noise level (dBA): <52


You can use this quiet  room air conditioner to cool, dehumidify or as a fan.

Cool Mode. With this portable 12000 BTUs  AC, you get to quickly cool your bedroom, living room, server room etc. For faster cooling, this silent  AC unit comes with a dual hose system- an intake and exhaust hose.

The double hose system allows more air intake more cooling power and constant air pressure. You can also operate it as a single hose.

Dry Mode. Every day, you extract 76 pints of excess moisture.

Fan Mode. Choose from 3 speeds. The air louvers are 2-way direction for more even air distribution.

Humidifier mode:  76 pints of excess moisture daily.


This quietest portable  air conditioner comes equipped with  a carbon air filter and washable pre-filter.


Easily connect this portable AC unit to a 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase power supply. The unit comes with a window kit (maximum 46″) and  an extendable exhaust hose which is  extendable up to 60″.

Furthermore, the plug that comes with this unit is the safety recommended LCDI (Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption).

Energy Saver

Save energy and money by setting the unit to run only when you need it. Using the 24 hour programmable timer, the ARC-122DS can efficiently cool your space before you even get there.

The timer allows you to set the unit to cycle on automatically, or once it is on, you can set it to automatically turn off.

Moisture output

Whynter ARC-122DS portable air conditioner comes with a patented auto drain function which automatically fully exhausts all condensate in most environments.

To ensure continuous operation, the quiet indoor portable air conditioning unit comes with an upper and lower drain ports.


Use the rolling casters to move the Whynter ARC-122DS portable  aircon from one location to the next.


When the hot season is over, pack this low  noise portable AC, the user manual exhaust hose, remote and window kit and store until the next season.

Make use of the protective cover bag that comes with this tAC unit and protect it from dust and dirt.


The portable AC unit is UL listed.

Additional features

  • You get full thermostatic control (61°F – 89°F)
  • The silent  AC unit auto restart after power outage.
  • What about the  remote control to conveniently adjust the temperature, fan speed and dehumidifier setting?
  • You also get to appreciate the eco-friendly CFC Green R-410A refrigerant
  • Moreover the components are lead-free RoHS compliant
  • You also get one year warranty and 3-year warranty on the compressor


  • Adequately cools the room
  • Efficient quick cooling
  • Easy set up
  • Great customer service


  • Slight adjustment needed for casement windows
  • You need to buy the drain hose separately
  • Display light might distract sleep but you can cover with duct tape

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Toyotomi TAD-T40LW: The silent air  AC (55 dBa) with a heater

Quietest portable air conditioner...Toyotomi TAD-T40LW

Room size

Up to 600 square feet

Portable Air conditioner size

This quiet AC unit for  large room is 20″width, 16″ depth and 34″ height


The TAD-T40LW rolls easily from one location to another


This 14,000 ASHRAE BTU (Cool)/ 8,000 DOE BTU (Cool)/ 11,000 BTU (Heat) is a high quality Japanese product that will cool your spaces in summer and heat up when it gets cold.

Cool mode : the Double duct-intake hose and exhaust hose provide 20% to 30% greater efficiency than a single duct unit.

Fan mode: Select from three speeds

Noise level

When operating as an air conditioner, the noise level at 1m (3.3ft.) away from unit is 57 dBA on high 56 on medium and 55 on low setting. When heating, the noise level is 58 dBA on high, medium 56 and 55 on low setting.


Connect to a 115V/60Hz 10.8 Amp power source

This AC comes with a window panel kit and two 4 feet intake and exhaust hoses.

Condensate removal

No tank emptying! This quietest portable AC is   self-evaporating and vented out via the exhaust hose

Energy efficiency

This high quality portable air con has an 11.7 energy efficiency ratio which is above the recommended ratio.

Additional features

You easily control the temperature via the easy to program remote control.

The  silent portable AC unit also comes with a programmable 12-hr on/off timer

Automatic, easy-to-program operation with thermo control

The low  noise AC unit for  large room has less energy consumption courtesy of the High efficiency rotary compressor.

Environment friendly FREON R-410A refrigerant

You will love the five (5) year warranty on the cooling system i.e. compressor, evaporator, and condenser. The Toyotomi TAD-T40LW portable airconditioning unit warranty on parts and labor is one (1) year.


  • Use it throughout the year for summer and winter
  • You get Strong cool air from this quiet AC portable unit
  • Quiet
  • Simple controls


  • Some adjusting needed for windows that open horizontally
  • The built in condensation tank fills up quickly when operating in dehumidifier mode in highly humid areas.
  • Drain tank draining a little cumbersome though you hardly drain unless you live in highly humid areas
  • The air vents not adjustable but you set the vent to the desired target and you get strong cool air from this unit

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Hisense super quiet 12000BTU: The quietest portable  air  conditioner unit with a 47 dBa rating on low setting

Quietest portable air conditioner...Hisense Super Quiet cool 12000 BTU

Room size

For rooms up to 400 feet squared

Quietest portable air conditioning unit size

17.4″ width, 12.5″ deep x 28.1″ height

Window size

18” to 50” width


This is one  of  the  quietest portable  air  conditioner  as  the unit has an ultra-quiet processor with a 47 dBA when fan is set on low.


You get an easy to install window kit and plug to a 115 V, 60 Hz, 12.0 Amp electrical power out-let.

This portable AC unit is vented via a flexible single hose which is 5.9″ deep and 59″ length.

You also get   2 window exhaust adapters.


Operate this AC unit on any of the three modes (cool, fan, dehumidify) as need be.

Cool mode: This quiet  air conditioner portable  unit has a cross-flow fan design which allows for a robust, quiet cool air. Furthermore, the adjustable louvers will open automatically as soon as you switch on the unit.

Remember to open the door flap on top front  for effective cooling.

Fan: You can select your desired speed from the 3 fan speeds


Make use of the four caster wheels to move the quietest portable air conditioner around.


This AC portable unit is ETL Listed.

Energy efficiency

CEC energy certificate


The air conditioning unit has a washable removable filter

Additional features

From the remote control you can adjust the remote controls. And you get to use the remote control to control the up and down movements.

The Hisense super quiet 12000BTU I FEEL remote control has a temperature sensor which transmits the temperature in the surrounding area and transmits the same back to the quiet portable AC unit.

The unit then adjusts the temperature as desired.  The remote control also comes with a set of AA batteries.

On the remote is also the auto-restart function

You can easily read the temperature LED display on this Portable aircon

Set the time you want the AC unit to turn on or off using the 24-hour programmable on/off timer

You get a clock on the remote

What about the 2 years warranty on parts and labor…

Environment friendly R-410A refrigerant

Sleep mode

The unit also has thermostat control


  • Nicely cools your room
  • Easy install
  • No draining
  • Blends in with your decor


  • Ensure the cool air outlet opens up when you switch on for best cooling

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Tips and precautions while using the quietest portable air conditioner


Ensure that all packaging materials are removed. Confirm that you have the  AC  is in good order and condition. Ensure that all the accessories  that are supposed to be in the  package are also included.

Moreover, preserve the packaging as you will need it should you have to return the quiet portable AC unit.


Make sure that you have not placed the quietest AC near heat sources such as heaters, radiators etc. to prevent fire.

In addition, always allow at least 20” of clearance around the unit for ventilation.

Do not use this unit inside closets, cabinets and/or cramped spaces between furniture.

Also keep the area around the quiet  AC unit vents clear of obstacles for best performance.

Ensure curtains or other objects are not obstructing the air inlet filters.

Avoid directing airflow to pets or plants.

Where there are no windows, use the fireplace to vent out.

Noise management

If you constantly operate the thin  vertical  AC portable unit on a high fan setting, the noise will also be on high. What about running the AC on high while not in the room and reducing the speed once you get into the room?

You may also place the AC unit on a soft rather than hard surface. The soft surfaces such as rugs/blankets absorb some of the motor vibrations.


Place on sturdy level floor.

Allow the refrigerant to stabilize by placing the quiet AC unit upright for an hour.

Make sure this unit is connected to the right power supply outlet as indicated on manual. Also ensure that the power supply is correctly grounded.

Do not use an extension cord or power strip.

Avoid placing the power cord under carpets or rugs.

Avoid extending exhaust hose or installing it in ways other than recommended by manufacturer via the user manual.

When installing a  dual hose, place  the hot air drain hose higher than the intake hose to avoid sucking the hot air back into the room.


Secure the casters/ wheels with wheel locks to prevent the quiet AC unit from rolling on smooth surfaces.


For most efficient cooling, close doors and windows when in cooling or dehumidifying mode. You may open when using the AC unit as a fan.

Plug the quiet air conditioner firmly and completely into the electrical outlet.

Adjust the vents to direct airflow.

Avoid plugging in other appliances in the same outlet to avoid overloading which may result in fire or electrical shock.

Switch on or off to start or stop the quietest portable AC. Do not leave the switch on and plug or unplug to start/stop.  Also avoid pulling the plug.

Supervise young kids. You do not want them playing around with the portable air conditioner quiet unit.

Most definitely ensure that there are no flammable substances such gas, thinner benzene etc.

Keep checking for loose or damaged electrical the sockets to prevent fire incidences.

Make sure your hands are dry as you switch on/off.

Should you smell gas, switch off the quiet portable air conditioning unit.

Tuck the power cords away from traffic to prevent tipping.

Operate other heat producing appliances during the cooler times of the day.  When you do use these appliances, operate a fan to exhaust the heat and moisture.

To reduce the water in the drain catch, run the portable AC unit of fan only for some time.


Turn off before cleaning the quiet portable aircon.

Wipe dry with a soft dump cloth.

Do not clean with water as it may cause damage to the most quiet AC unit insulation.

Also avoid wax, thinners or strong detergents when cleaning to prevent damaging the surface finish.

Filter replacement

Take care to avoid contact with metal parts to prevent injuries.

Stop using the most  quiet AC unit when the filter is not securely in place to  prevent damage.

Clean the filter as per user manual instructions or as per need.  Most manufacturers recommend   vacuum cleaning or washing with mild detergent. Completely air dry before replacing.

The environment

The temperature and the relative humidity you are operating the quietest portable air conditioner will affect performance. In high   humidity areas, self- evaporation may be compromised.

Repairs/ maintenance

Air conditioner… Get a professional torepair nor replace any parts unless it is recommended on the user manual.

Cord: If flayed or damaged, get a professional to repair or replace with genuine parts.

Drain pan water

This water is contaminated. Do not consume!


Dry the Ac by allowing it to run on fan only for 12 hours.

Switch off and unplug when you are not operating the portable AC unit for a prolonged time.

Disconnect the  exhaust hose and the window  kit.

Remove batteries from the remote.

Clean the air filter, and the quiet  AC portable unit .

Store your quietest portable AC and the accessories in a clean dry area.

Final thoughts on the quietest Portable air conditioner

Whereas every machine that produces  some  airflow will certainly generate some noise, the above quietest portable air conditioners will cool your rooms.  No more sleepless, restless or noisy nights! No more fear of heat waves!

Pick your choice and get ready for the next heat wave.

Have a cool indoors!

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