How to make distilled water for humidifier at home [2023 guide]

Humidifiers disperse water in the form of mist into the air. As the mist is dispersed, other contents that may have been in the water such as mineral deposits and micro-organisms will be dispersed as well. Ii is highly recommended that you use distilled water when filling the  humidifier.  And all the  more  reason why you need to know how to make distilled water for humidifier at home.

Risks of using impure water in your humidifier

You may observe mineral deposits in the form of white/gray dust on your furniture/other surfaces. This dust may affect you especially if you happen to be allergic to it. Moreover, you have to clean up the white dust…

As for the micro- organisms which you cannot see with your naked eye, you may only realize the presence when the respiratory system gets compromised and infected. And the resultant complications sets in

Now let’s turn to the humidifier. Some of the deposits will be left in the tank and on the parts that come into contact with the water. This means that you need to frequently clean /descale the humidifier.

The build-up also impacts negatively on the lifespan of the humidifier and your wallet.

Benefits of using distilled water in the humidifier

When you use properly distilled water in the humidifier, you get to significantly reduce the presence of the impurities in the diffused mist and on the humidifier.

You also get to minimize allergic attacks triggered by the dust. Furthermore, you keep the respiratory system free from infections that may result from unhealthy diffused mist.

Sleeping with humidifier every night...TrueMistHowever, the distilled water also comes at a price or may not be available when you need to use the humidifier. It is therefore important to make sure your choice of humidifier has a filter especially for those who suffer from allergies and that it is also easy to clean.

Now that you realize the benefits, Its time to learn how to make distilled water for humidifier at home.

To make distilled water, impure water is boiled, turns into vapor and then condensed back into liquid in another container.   The impurities such as the mineral deposits that do not evaporate below or above boiling temperature are left in the first container.  And the micro-organisms are also destroyed in the boiling process.

There are several ways to make distilled water for humidifier but the easiest one is explained under;

Here is what you need to make distilled water for the  humidifier at home

A stainless steel pot Hold the impure water
properly fitting concave lidCover pot and hold the ice cubes
A heat resistant glass/metal bowl that can comfortably fit in the potTo hold the distilled water as it is prepared
Impure waterFor distilling. Amout depending on pot size and distilled wate rneed
Enough ice cubes Quicken condensation
Baking rack Support glass bowl and prevet it from sinking to bottom of pot
Heat source such as stoveTo heat the water
GlovesProtect you from burns when handling the hot pot, lid and glass bowl

This is easy the “how you can make distilled water for your humidifier at home” is;

  • Thoroughly clean the pot, cover, baking rack and storage container. You may run the storage container through boiling water for extra precaution.
  • Place the baking rack in your pot. The rack will act as the base to hold the heat resistant glass bowl so that it does not rest at the base of the pot.
  • Fill the stainless steel pot with water half-way
  • Place the pot on stove
  • Place the glass bowl in the pot
  • Turn the concave pot lid upside down and place it on the pot. You want it upside down to hold the ice cubes
  • Place the ice cubes on the lid
  • Turn on your stove and let the water heat up.
  • You will soon observe water droplets form as the hot water condenses into liquid as it comes into contact with the ice filled pot lid. These droplets will drip back into the glass bowl and Eureka! That’s distilled water!
  • Turn the heat down when the water starts to boil
  • You may have to replace the ice cubes as the pot heats up
  • Keep heating until you have the water needed
  • Switch off stove and use the gloves to carefully remove the glass bowl with the distilled water. You may let the water to cool down to prevent the risk of scalding /burning.
  • Empty the water in the glass bowl into the storage container
  • Store the water when cool


You now know how to make distilled water for humidifier. Make use of the water to fill the humidifier as well as the steam iron. The impact on your health, comfort and the lifespan of these appliances is most certainly worth the effort.

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While at it make sure your choice of humidifier is easy to clean.

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