Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater [2023 Space Heaters Buying Guide and Review]

Do you just want to quickly heat a smaller room in your home? Or is your home served well via a central heating system but you want to protect your property by clearing the dampness that invades your basement during the cold season? Or possibly you do not want to turn on the central heating and thereby saving on energy costs?  Relax.  Below is the information that will assist you decide on the best wall mounted electric heater that will quickly serve you with the desired warmth

We have compared the heaters against important features such as   size, heating capacity guide, energy saving capacity, style, performance etc. You also get more details on each of the heating solution to assist you choose your best wall mounted heater. We have also included a detailed buying guide on the important features for your review.

As you review this information, you will note that some heaters quickly heat the room. Others are energy saving though slow in producing the desired heat.

Some have inbuilt thermostats while others don’t. The thermostat is a key feature for temperature control and it is recommended you buy one separately if your best wall mounted electric heater does not  come with one.

Top 11  wall mounted electric heater comparison table

HeaterBrand namewattagevoltageMore info
Small room heaterCadet Manufacturing 792411000120more info
Efficient wall heaterBroan Model 9815WH1500120/240more info
Sleek designSTIEBEL ELTRON CK 15E 1500120more info
Large room heaterCADET COM-PAK TWIN4000240more info
Durable 5 year heater element warrantyKing PAW24222250240more info
Choose a watt heaterBroan 174500-2250120/240more info
Economical Panel heaterEcono-Heat 603 E heater 400120more info
Electric fireplace with remoteBest Choice Products750/1500110-120More info
Electric fireplace with multicolored flamePuraFlame Galena Black 36”1350120more info
Heater with features similar to central air unitFahrenheat FSSWH2000120more info
Heater with a heat guardAmaze-Heater 250SS+HG250120more info

Let’s delve into the Reviews of our top 10  wall mounted heaters below.

1.    Cadet Manufacturing 79241

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater for small rooms

Are you looking for a wall mounted heater for small rooms such as bathrooms or workshops?

This 1000 Watt on  the  wall  electric wall heater is great for comfortably warming smaller spaces.

The heat from this heater is distributed via a fan. And, you can easily to turn on and off using a simple switch.

This electric wall heater snugly flush fits into the wall with no protrusions.  Therefore, you won’t have to sacrifice that much needed space. Or allow distractions that will hinder your freedom to move around.

As you get to enjoy the steady heat from this wall mounted heater, you won’t have to worry about noises. The fan is simply quiet!

Moreover, your safety is taken into consideration as this electrical wall heater grille does not get particularly heated up while in use.

The electrical heater comes with the heating unit and front grille only excluding the box that extends behind the element. However, this box is cheaply available.


  • Easy heat control…You can easily turn this wall heater on and off via the simple switch.
  • No noise as the fan is quiet.
  • Your safety is well considered as this best electric wall heater  grille does not get very hot while in use.


  • For the first time installation, the back can of the electric wall heater is purchased separately.

Final opinion

The Cadet Manufacturing 79241 electric  wall mounted heater is the heating solution when you are looking for  a snugly fitting unit that heats your small spaces quietly.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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2.    Broan Model 9815WH

High Capacity Best Wall Mounted  Electric Heater with 1500 Watt Fan and thermostat

Are you looking for an effective and efficient on the  wall electric heater?

The Broan 9815WH electric heater sucks in cool air from the top, heats it up via a highly efficient element and then forces it outs through the grilles at the bottom.

One advantage of this electric wall heater over other same power usage heaters is that it converts more electricity into heat. And that is effectiveness!

Moreover, this automatic heater has a thermostat which provides for consistent, desired temperatures in the room.

Additionally, you can wire this electric heater for 120 volt or 240 voltage. And that’s versatility!

Another plus for this wall mount space heater is that the fan is quiet while on and barely audible.


The inbuilt thermostat assists you control temperature  and thus saves power.


Quality concerns on some parts.

Final opinion

Bron is a great choice If you are looking for a high capacity, versatile, effective and efficient wall mounted electrical wall heater  with thermostat to heat your rooms fast.

This is one of the best economical electric heaters for small rooms. This is a quick, convenient electric bathroom wall heater solution as you get prepared for work or school.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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3.    STIEBEL ELTRON CK 15E 120-Volt 1500-Watts

Best Electric Heater Wall Mounted  Heater with Fan

You will simply love the unique and sleek design of The Stiebel Eltron CK 15E electric wall Heater. While the sleek design enhances room décor, it does have an additional benefit –You can install it over certain outdated heaters!

The downdraft design also makes the unit ideal for eliminating cold floors. On the other hand, some of the wiring is exposed at the top due to the design.

In addition, this wall heater unit has an in-built thermostat that allows you to set the desired for room temperature.

Moreover, should you want conserve more energy, you can safely set the heating unit to the lowest setting (frost prevention)

And, should you not be in a position to cut major holes in a wall, this best electric wall heater is mounted on the wall rather than between studs!

Additionally, the manufacturer provides a 3 year limited parts warranty


  • Sleek design to enhance décor while allowing installation over outdated heaters
  • Has a downdraft design that helps warm up cold floors
  • No noise annoyance as it is rather quiet. You can mount this electric wall heater in your bedroom
  • This  electric  wall  mounted  heater with thermostat  allows for  pretty low settings to conserve energy
  • Great for homeowners or renters who may not want to cut major holes on walls


  • While not difficult to install, the installation manual is not very detailed, and the images could be better.
  • Unnecessary gap on the top of the wall heater

Final Opinion

When you need to quickly heat any of your rooms your small or medium spaces such as bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallways or laundry, the Stiebel Eltron  electric wall mounted heater will sort you out.

And, you can keep your basement frost/dampness free by leaving the wall heater on with thermostat set on “frost prevention” mode.

Consequently, you get your property in the basement protected without significantly affecting your energy consumption.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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4.    CADET COM-PAK TWIN 4000W 240V Large Room

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater With Thermostat

What if you are looking for a wall mount heater for a large room entryway or foyer? Then the Cadet Com-Pak twin is the electric wall mounted heater for you.

This rectangular, smooth edge heating unit has two fast heating coil elements.  The wall unit heater has efficient fans which quickly distributes that heat around the room.

Moreover this best electric wall heater features an overheat protection capability not only minimizes fire risk but also prolongs the wall heater life.

Furthermore, you have a choice between the model that comes with a thermostat or the one without while mounting a thermostat of your choice.

To spice it up, you get a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

It is easy to install and is ETL listed to UL standards.


  • Heating large rooms
  • Quickly heats even poorly insulated rooms
  • Overheat protection


  • Better quality control for this in the wall heater would be appreciated
  • More details on the product would be appreciated

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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5.    KING PAW2422 500W-2250W 240V

Best Wall Mounted  Electric Heater with 5- year heating element guarantee

Best Wall mounted electric heater King Paw2422

Are you looking for a powerful and durable heater whose manufacturer is willing to give a 5 year warranty on the heater element?

This electric wall mounted space heater will heat up a small space or to supplement the heating source in a larger room.

The minimalist appearance of this heater allows you to place it anywhere in the house.

When you buy this heater you get a wall can, a grille to cover the heater, fan and the interior heater including element

Another feature you will love about this wall mounted heater wall unit is the capability to change the wattage (500W to 2250W) and thus heat output during installation. You will just need to connect or disconnect the color coded terminals.

The heating element is durable as it is made from steel. No wonder the manufacturer has given a 5 year warranty on it. Consequently, you get to enjoy warmth for a long time. You also get a 2 year warranty on the other parts.


  • You can change wattage and thus heat output to suit the room size and save on energy
  • The long 5 Year manufacture warranty


No Thermostat which means the heater’s energy efficiency is compromised but you can buy a separate wall mounted thermostat such  as  this programmable unit.

Better quality control of the installation parts would be appreciated.

Final opinion

King PAW2422 is the wall mounted room heater that allows you the freedom to choose the  heat output to suit your room size.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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6.   Broan 174 750/1500W 120 VAC

Best Electric Wall Mounted Heater with an alloy heating element

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater Broan 174

Would you like to replace your older Broan model? Or you simply want to quickly heat your entryways, bathrooms, or other small areas  in your home?

This  Broan 174 versatile in  the  wall heater  rapidly warms up  your room  thanks to the  alloy heating element which efficiently converts electricity into heat. The white grille has down-flow louvers then  direct the heat towards the floor  and thus warming the room.

Moreover, you consistently enjoy the desired heat as the wall heating unit comes with an inbuilt thermostat. All the same, you can still opt for a wall mounted thermostat for better temperature control.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the services of this electric wall heater for a long time courtesy of the permanently lubricated motor, thermal overload protector and alloy heating element.

This wall mountable heater also comes with detailed instruction on how you that you can easily dismantle it for cleaning. This means that you with enjoy cleaner air for longer.

However, choose wisely where to place this heater as the fan may get noisy.

And choose the amount of heat you need. Though Factory wired at 1,500W, at 120V AC, you can convert to 750W at 120v AC or 1,500W at 240V AC.


  • Budget friendly
  • Long  lasting
  • Versatile
  • Eco friendly as you can easily dismantle and clean


  • Noisy fan

Final Opinion

Broan 174 is the best  wall mounted heater to buy that efficiently converts electricity into heat. Plus you can   reduce the  wattage form 1500W to 750W if you are installing it in a  smaller space.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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7.    Econo-Heat 603 E heater -400 Watt 120V

Best Panel Convection Heater Wall Mounted Electric  heater

Best wall mounted Electric Heater Econo heat 603

Are you looking for a quiet, flat, wall mounted panel heater that can be painted to fit into your décor?

Well, this Econo-Heat wall panel convection heater is designed for you.  It is one of the best electric wall mounted heaters that radiates heat to warm a 120 square foot, well insulated room.

This convention heater generates heat in the space behind panel and wall. The hot air then rises to heat the room with 90% radiated from the back of panel and 10% from the front of panel.

This 400W economical heater on the wall is a great alternative to other heaters that use large amounts of power as it uses minimal electricity. It is said to use about 33% of power usage by conventional space heaters. This electric wall heater can save up to 50% on heating costs when correctly used.

Moreover, you get to enjoy about half an hour of warmth once the panel is turned off as the ceramic continues to radiate heat.

However, it is recommended that you buy a thermostat and timer for better temperature control.


  • No noise and may work well for bedrooms, recording studio
  • The electricity wall  mount  heaterCost effective Significant Energy saving
  • You can paint to suit your décor needs
  • Maintains even heat in the room
  • Does not get scorching hot
  • Easy installation
  • No fan to blow allergens around a room


  • Takes long to heat the room
  • Bad smell when you start using it but this eases off
  • Efficiency lost on installation higher than 6” above ground
  • Works well in a well-insulated small room
  • Safety concerns as some units have been reported to crack after installation

Final Opinion

The 400w Econo-heat 603  is one of  the best panel electric wall heater that will  warm your room at reasonable cost.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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8.    Best Choice Products®

Best Fireplace Wall Hater Electric

Best Wall mounted Electric Heater Best Choice Products Fireplace

How would you love to have a beautiful electric wall-mounted fireplace?

Then the Best Choice Products® Electric Wall Mount Fireplace is the heater for you.

This furnace   not only adds beauty to your room but it also warms up to 300 square feet space.

You can set this heater on low 750W or high 1500W depending on your heating requirements.

As an added bonus, this stylish heater comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings/flames from the comfort of your chair or bed.

Moreover, this is one of the best environmental friendly electric wall heaters as it does not emit gases.

In addition,the flames produced from this electric fireplace resemble an authentic fireplace courtesy of the  3D flame technology.


  • Remote control
  • Great conversation piece
  • Relaxing flame display


  • Watch what you place above the on the  wall electric  heater as the wall above can get hot.
  • Produces some noise when turned on
  • Demos on installation would be appreciated
  • No thermostat
  • The top part of the glass near the hot air discharge may get hot while in use

Final opinion

This beautiful wall mounted heater/fireplace is a great piece to not only heat your spaces but also improve the ambience in your rooms.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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9.    PuraFlame Galena Black 36” 1350W 120V

Best Wall Mounted  Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater Pura Flame Fireplace

Are you looking for a fireplace/heater that has contemporary looks, a timer, a remote and a thermostat?

The PuraFlame is among the best wall mounted electric heater unit that snugly fits into the  bill. The wall heater heats up to 400 square feet with a temperature range of 60ºF to 84ºF.

You can conveniently enjoy your desired room temperature as this wall room heater thermostat has an automatic turn off/turn on system.

Moreover, Pura Flame heater comes with a timer that you can set to last between 0.5 to 9 hours.

The ambiance created from this best wall mounted heater realistic fire-like features and LED-backlight  is an added bonus. The the  LED back-lights  alternate  between 12 multi-color combination flame effects  to create an enjoyable color effect. Moreover, the flame brightness can be adjusted up to 4 levels.

In addition, you have a choice of enjoying this ambiance with or without heat.

Moreover, you can use the LCD remote control to adjust all settings on this electric  wall mounted  heater  with  thermostat.

This eco-friendly wall heater is energy efficient and smokeless.

You will find it easy to install this heater. Moreover, it is smooth and quiet in its operation.


  • Enjoyable ambiance and calming colors
  • The LCD remote controls the various setting
  • Easy to install
  • A thermostat and timer  for  safety
  • The glass rocks produce a nice, pleasing effect


  • Does not create enough visual ambiance
  • Can take some time to heat up the space
  • The area under it  gets hot thus take care what you place there

Final Opinion

You can set your best electric wall  heater to the  desired temperature, color, flame settings and just  get  busy with other projects without worry. Plus you will love the compliments  that will come your way. This is the best wall mounted heater to buy when you are looking for that  warm cozy feeling and wonderful ambiance to push you through the cold season.

10.  Fahrenheat FSSWH1502 2000W, 120-volt

Best Wall mounted Electric Heater with remote control

best wall mounted electric heater Fahrenheat FSSWH

Are you looking for a space heater that has similar features to a central air unit?

This great looking wall mountable heater from Fahrenheat has equally great features.

Though more expensive, the 2000 Watt heater will work well in  your large bathrooms, offices, basements, converted attics and breezeways, garages, workshops and similar areas. Also, adaptable to multiple installations in larger or odd shaped rooms.

It has a two (2)-day electronic programmable built-in thermostat. You can adjust the thermostat to adapt to your lifestyle including a vacation mode.

The heater also comes with Electronic LED Display with blue backlight which is legible in dark or lit spaces

Moreover you also get a remote control that makes it super easy to adjust the room temperature.

Plus you may even forget that it’s in use as it is so quiet.

The electric wall heater has a built-in fan delay which continues operating after the heater is turned off and thus prolonging the life of heating element.


  • Very Quiet
  • Looks great/nice looking
  • Many programing options morning, daytime, evening and night
  • Smart features assist you manage heating budget
  • Easy installation


  • Ticking noise when the  on the  wall electric heater is turned on
  • More expensive

Final opinion

Go for Farenheat FSSWH1502 to quietly and smartly heat your large rooms. You also get to enjoy the several programming options to  allow you to adjust your heat room temperature.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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11.  Amaze-Heater 250SS+HG 250W 120V Best On The Wall Electric Heater

Best wall mounted electric heater Amaze 250ss

If you are looking for a safe wall mounted heater, the Amaze-Heater 250ss+HG space heater is just right.

This heating unit comes with a heat guard which reduces surface temperature which minimizes burn risks.

It quickly heats up a room thanks to the dual convection feature integrated in the electric wall heater which also doubles the heat distribution efficiency.

Moreover you can decorate  your best wall mounted electric  heater surface with paint stencil etc. to match the room decor.

You can comfortably heat up spaces of up to 100 sq. ft. rooms.


  • Easy install
  • Heat guard reduces surface temperature while doubling the efficiency of heat distribution
  • Warms up a small room quickly
  • Ability to personalize the heat guard


  • Some heater emitting a mild smell
  • No thermostat but this can be bought separately

Final Opinion

Amaze-Heater 250SS+HG is one of the best wall mounted space heaters to warm small rooms. Safety is also  enhanced via the inbuilt heat guard. Moreover you can decorate this best electric wall heater to fit in with your room decor.

Want to  know if this heater price fits  within your budget?

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The Best Electric Wall Heaters Buying Guide

Buying a best electric wall heater does not need to be a complicated mission. There are plenty out there. As long as you’re aware of all the points that you’ll need to consider before making your purchase, there’s no reason why you should have any trouble in finding the best wall mounted electric heater for your needs.

This helpful buying guide will give you some great advice about how to pick the best model for you.

What is the area to be heated?

What is the size? Multiply the length X breadth in feet? Is it closed or open Is it well insulated?  Compare these parameters against  the wall mountable electric heater you plan to purchase.

Watch out against buying a wall heating unit whose capacity is below the space size indicated as it will furnish you with the heat desired.

Consider the heat loss factors in the room such as insulation, windows and exterior walls. Also consider the ceiling height. If it is high, it will require more heat

All in all consider 8 watts per square feet. If your room features any of the  heat loss elements, you will need a stronger heater. You could go even 50% above the initial wattage given the heat loss elements and ceiling height

How much will it cost you to mount the electric wall heater?

Fortunately, most on the wall electric heaters are easy to install which should also save you on installation cost

What is your wall mounted electric heater budget?

You can get an electric wall heater on a low or high budget. Of course, the more features, the higher the  parts quality, the more popular the  brand, and the better the  finish equals to  more money.

What is the  cost of running your chosen wall mounted electric heater?

This cost will be a factor of the heating element efficiency, power and the heating method.

It is  important to match the  room size to the heater power so that you do not install a powerful heater in a  small room or vice versa.

Also remember that the more powerful the electric wall heater, the  more the running cost.

In addition, the heaters that churn out  a lot of heat within a shorter duration like those with a fan will  cost more to run. However those that rely on convection will take longer to heat up  the room but they also keep the room warm for longer once you the heater off.

So  how  long do you want to be in the room?

The heater element heating efficiency is also key. Choose an element that converts the most electricity into heat.

Where the heater that meets your heating requirements does not come with a thermostat, consider buying one separately to save on running costs.

How important is aesthetics to you?

Who doesn’t love a nice looking feature on the wall?

However, please ensure that that good looking wall mounted heater that fits in with  your décor also meets the  desired heating requirements and  running costs.

In some areas of your home such as the basement, you most likely will be looking for a wall heater  electric that is  durable and can withstand prolonged use.

Safety tips for your Wall Mounted Electric Heater

It is extremely important to read and apply the safety instructions that come with your best wall mounted electric heater.

Some of the basics are as under;

  • Do not obstruct your best wall mounted electric heater. Install where you do not intend to place other furniture. And most certainly, do not install behind a door.
  • The electric wall heater is not a clothes drier. Do not hang your clothes on the heater as you could easily start a fire. Do not even have your towel rack above the heater in case you have one in the bathroom.
  • Take special care of the type of the electric wall heater you place in humid areas such as basement or bathrooms. Confirm with manufacturer specifications to ensure that the heating solution is designed for use in such areas
  • Kids love playing around with such appliances. Do not leave infants unsupervised when the wall mounted heater is on. Ensure you teach the older children why they cannot play with the heater.
  • Maintain your best electric wall heater. Clean the elements, fan etc. to improve efficiency possibly every 6 months
  • Does your heater need repair? Seek help from a qualified professional.

Wall Mounted Electric Heater Wrap Up

Great.  You now have the information to assist you choose the best wall mounted electric heater. Take the next step and acquire the one that meets your heating requirements.

Remember to carefully examine the room size, how well insulated, the humidity etc. and compare against the features of the electric wall heater you choose.

If the on the  wall  electric heater you choose has no thermostat, it is recommended that you purchase one separately as it will assist you reduce the running costs.

The heaters come with installation instructions. If you are confident enough, you can install the heater. Otherwise, get professional help.

Enjoy the warmth…. From your best wall mounted electric heater…

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