Best Portable Air Conditioner Brand Buying Guide

Are you wondering how to go about choosing  the  best portable  air  conditioner  brand? You are  not alone. We are always searching  for  the  best brands  out there.  However, before  choosing  the  brand,  consider your  needs first as you peruse through the best portable air conditioner brand buying  guide under ;

1.         What is your room size?

The bigger your room, the more capacity  you  need. This capacity is rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour.  Select the right room size air conditioning unit and save on energy and cost. 

Please  note  that  you  may  need  to choose a  higher  capacity  AC if  your  ceiling  height  is  higher  than   the  normal eight feet or you have  more than  two  occupants  in the  room or  you  are placing  the  AC in a  room  that has  equipment  that generate  heat or  your  room is  directly  exposed  to the  sun.

2.         Do you mind noise?

best portable air conditioner brand buying guide

Some of  us  love  working  or sleeping  in a quiet  environment. Well, if you happen to be one of us, read through the technical specification of the AC unit and note the decibel (dB) level. That best portable brand AC should preferably have a dB in the 50’s or less as this the noise level of a quiet conversation  at home( source).  You  are  sure  to  find  some  of the  quietest portable  ACs here.

3.         Do you have an exit to vent / exhaust your Portable Air conditioner brand?

A window, wall, sliding door ceiling etc. will do but definitely  not  an attic or crawl space. And, make  sure  that  best  brand air  conditioner comes with the exhaust hose and window adapter kit.

4.         How will you dispose the moisture the  AC removes from the environment?

Most brands will  not  only  cool  but  also dehumidify the air.   So,  how  does the portable  AC dispose the moisture?  Are  you  comfortable  with the method?

5.         Do  you  have  enough  space  to  fit  in  the Portable AC  and  leave  some  space  around?

To  this  end, you  may  need  to note  the  portable  AC   width,  height  and  depth  specifications. Does  your  room have  enough  space  for  the air  conditioner? Should you  have limited  space  available,  consider  the  AC units  for  vertical  windows  here  or for  horizontal  windows  here.

6.         What is the electrical power specifications/ plug type in the home?

Depending  on  the  capacity  of  the  aircon, you  may  or may  not  need  to  upgrade  your  power  specifications.

7.         How energy efficient is the AC?

Those  ACs with  a   higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)  are  more  efficient  and thus  likely  to  have  lower  running  costs. So,  what  is  the  EER  ratio  of  the  portable  aircon  brand?

8.         Are you a clean air addict?

If  you  are, make  sure that  the  filter  is  washable so that  you  can  clean  it  often and to  ensure  you  are breathing in cleaner air.  Moreover a clean filter protects and extends the life of the portable AC.

9.         Will you need to   move the AC unit around?

Casters /wheels and easy grip handles are great features when you need to pull along the  AC to  your next  comfort  zone.

10.      Extra features

It’s the extra that makes the best brand air conditioner extraordinary. Does the best AC brand have special features   such as sleep mode, oscillating louvers, easy to use Controls, remote control, 24-hour timer etc.? The features are great additions for your convenience and comfort.

 So, there you are.  Is  the  brand  of  choice  meeting  your  needs as  listed in this  best portable air conditioner brand buying  guide?   Is it extra-ordinary?

It  is  advisable to select that brand that meets your needs.  That  brand  may  be  different  from  mine  or your  neighbor’s or  friend’s….

Choose wisely.

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