Best Humidifier For Sinus problems, Allergies or Asthma [2023 Humidifiers Buying Guide And Reviews]

Dry air makes life uncomfortable for all of us. But it gets worse if you suffer from allergy, asthma or sinusitis. More so when you reside in environments where the climate is dry or the winter has set in. But, all is not lost.  You can add moisture back in the air and a humidifier may just be the right solution. All the same, any humidifier will not do. You need the best humidifiers for sinus problems, allergies or asthma.

In this guide: 

Comparison of the humidifiers best  for your  sinus, allergies or asthma problems

How can you tell that the air you are breathing in is too dry?

Benefits of the humidifiers for sinus problems, allergies or  asthma

Types of Humidifiers

What to look out for when selecting the best humidifier for sinus problems,  allergies or asthma

Sinus problems, allergies or asthma best humidifiers review

1.Mooka Top Fill 4L large capacity Humidifier

2. Vornado Evap40 Evaporative

3.Anypro 3.5L Cool Mist

4.JZK mini Portable

5.Optimus U-31002 Cool Mist Ultrasonic

6.Vicks Warm Mist

7.Honeywell GermFree HCM-350

8.Boneco/Air-O-Swiss 7135

Tips and Precautions when using the humidifier  that relieves the  sinus, asthma or allergies  problems

Final thoughts on the humidifier for asthma, sinus problems or  allergies 

Comparison of the best humidifiers for sinus problems, allergies or asthma

Vornadohumidified airevaporativeMore info
JBTOR 4L coolultrasonicMore info
JZK Mini portablecoolultrasonicMore info
OptimuscoolultrasonicMore info
Vicks Warm mistwarmsteamMore info
Honewll 350coolwicking filterMore info
Boneco 7135cool and warmultrasonicMore info
Mook Top fillcoolUltrasonicMore info

How can you tell that the air you are breathing in is too dry?

Dry air dries out your respiratory tract aggravating allergy, sinus or asthma. Moreover, your skin, hair, eyes, mouth and the plants in the same environment also suffer the negative effects of dry air.

The dry air also makes allergens lighter and may end up in the air and into the respiratory system aggravating the allergies, sinusitis or asthma.

To determine if the air you are breathing in is dry or not, get a hygrometer and measure the humidity levels. The recommended level is 30-50%. Remember that too low or too humidity worsens allergies, sinus or asthma.

In case you do not have access to a hygrometer, note that when the air is dry, you might experience the following;

  • A dry mouth, throat, and nosebleed when you wake up
  • Dry skin
  • A running nose that does not seem to clear with time- This may be your natural body response as it tries to moisturize the nasal passages.
  • Static electricity experienced as static shock, some garments sticking together, hair standing up even after brushing etc.

Benefits of operating a humidifier  when those sinus problems, allergies or  asthma attacks

  1. You will reduce risk of  sinus,  allergies or asthma flare ups. 
  2.  Improved sleep
  3. Improved breathing
  4. Relief room  nose and throat congestion
  5. No nosebleeds caused by dry air
  6. Your voice box will sing along
  7. No more waking up with a dry mouth
  8. Nosebleeds caused by dry air prevention
  9. Moisturised skin and eyes
  10. Your plants enjoy the moisture too
  11. The moisturised air  is great for your furniture, walls, etc.

Types of Humidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture into the air. Let us look into the types of humidifiers that are available on the market.

Single room or whole house humidifiers

The whole house humidifier is connected to the central heating system. Great for home owners but for those who are renting, the single room humidifier is the option for you

Cool mist vs warm mist

Humidifiers are designed to disperse cool or warm mist.  Either cool or warm mist is good for allergies though each type of humidifier has added benefits.

Warm mist also warms the air and thus good for cold environments. However take care that this unit is kept out of children’s reach to prevent burns as the water is boiled to produce the mist

Warm mist is great for upper respiratory tract infections as warm mist is better at de-congesting the nose and throat.

The cool mist humidifier produces a cool mist which makes the room cooler and therefore good for hot environments. Cool mist humidifiers are also great for croup patients.

The cool mist humidifiers use different technology to produce mist as explained under;


The evaporative humidifiers have a filter that wicks the water up. A fan then blows the water into the air. This is the humidifier type that is most noisy.


The ultrasonic humidifiers use high frequency ultrasonic waves to turn water into particles which are easy to disperse in the air. It is “whisper quiet” and thus preferred by those who love sleeping in quiet environments.  It is also good for office use. However they also produce white dust as the water is not filtered.  Should you fall in love with the whisper quietness, choose one that allows you to insert demineralization cartridges or simply refill with distilled water.

The hybrid- the cool and warm humidifier

This type of humidifier allows you to enjoy the benefits of both warm and cool functionalities and thus more expensive!

What to look out when choosing the best humidifier for sinus problems,  allergies or asthma

As mentioned earlier, if you are already suffering from allergies, asthma or sinuses, you need to take special precaution when choosing a room humidifier. In this section, we will cover the special and general considerations.

Special considerations

White /gray dust

Read the best humidifier  for sinus problems reviews and make note of the units that disperse dust. This dust happens to be mineral deposits that are dispersed together with the mist and may aggravate the allergy, asthma or sinus or even cause a flare up.  Ultrasonic humidifiers are more often the culprits as most of them have no filters. The filter is meant to remove   the minerals from the water before the mist is dispersed in the air.

You may be better off choosing an evaporative or steam humidifier (though noisier) or get an ultrasonic unit that has a filter. Alternatively you can also choose an ultrasonic unit that accepts demineralization cartridges in the tank.

Filter performance

Dust is what an allergy sufferer wants to keep away from. The filter is meant to ensure that no dust, pathogens and other contaminants is dispersed. Go through the best humidifier for allergies user reviews to confirm the manufacturer’s filter quality promise.

Easy to clean

You do not want to add an infection to your allergy by choosing a room humidifier that is not easily cleaned. A dirty unit is a good breeding ground for mold, bacterial and other disease causing micro-organisms and will also disperse the germs alongside the water and probably aggravate the allergy.

Your best humidifier for allergies should ideally have a larger tank opening. The various parts should be easily dismantled, cleaned and reassembled and possibly dishwater safe.

Essential oil/ Medical Vapor diffusion functionality

Look out for that room humidifier that can diffuse medical vapors or essential oils that help ease the allergies.

General considerations

Room size

Each humidifier is designed to serve a certain size of space and will not be effective in a bigger space. Make note of ceiling height as high ceiling means more space and thus a more powerful humidifying unit.

Easy operation

Get that best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma which is easy to operate.

Operation cost

Apart from the energy bill which might be higher for warm mist humidifiers, consider the filter costs. How often do they need to be changed and how much do they cost?

Humidifier capacity

Look out for the humidifier that gives you more hours of continuous mist.

Auto shut off when tank is empty

The best humidifier for asthma with this feature automatically shut off when the tank runs dry. Running the tank dry may burn out the motor faster as well as increase your energy bill for no good reason.

Mist direction

Some humidifiers  for allergy allow you to adjust mist direction to your desired target.

Review of  the humidifiers best for Sinusitis problems, allergies or asthma review

Mooka Top Fill 4L large capacity Humidifier: Best ultrasonic cool humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma that has a water and air filter

Room size

This best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma can serve large rooms from 161-322 feet squared.  This silent room humidifying unit is ideal for use in the home, office, living bedroom or baby room.


The Mooka Top Fill humidifier uses high frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology to disperse cool mist.  Choose the mist output from 3 mist levels.

You can control the humidifier functions via   the six smart touchable buttons (Power, Mist, Timer, Anion, Sleep, and Humidistat and the readings are displayed on an LED screen.

Furthermore, you can set the unit on the Humidistat mode to maintain right humidity or Sleep mode for a comfortable sleep environment for your sweet dream and lovers.

Additionally, this  best humidifier  for asthma can be programmed 1-12 hours via the Anion function.

Water tank

This large room high capacity Humidifier   has a 4L tank which ensures you are continuously served with cool fine mist for up to 16 hours.  No waking up to refill this tank! The unit also shuts off when the tank is empty.  Refilling is pretty easy to refill this top fill humidifier.

Moreover  you  can  refill with regular courtesy of the  inbuilt  multi  filtration  system  or  use  distilled  water  when need  be.

Bacterial and mold control

You  will love the Multi(3 Stages)Filtration system with cotton filters to  which  cleans  out lime scale and  harmful  micro-organism.  And the  result is cleaner  mist  that is  just what  you  need  when you are  dealing  with  sinuses,  allergies or asthma .

You also get air wind cleaned up via three air filters. Moreover,  you  don’t  have to  replace the  filter but  you  need to  clean it  every  two  weeks  or  more  frequently  based  on  how frequently you  use  it or  nature of  water.


You can get your hand in through the wide opening and thoroughly clean the water reservoir

Additional features

Being  an  ultrasonic  humidifier,  the  whisper quiet operation and silent fan allows  you  to  enjoy the  fine  mist without the  disturbance  from  noise.

You also get a Humidity Sensor which allows you to detect the indoor humidity in real time. The real time humidity enables you  to  choose the Misting Output (ml/h) as  needed (100/200/300).

Moreover, you can conveniently read the humidity level readings on the LED screen.  You also get a standard 3 year limited warranty on registration.


Strong vapor stream

Large top fill water tank great for large rooms

Easy to use and clean

No costs on filter replacement

Multi filtration system cleans out lime scale and germs and thus great for the sinuses, allergies or asthma

Air filter a great add-on

Silent humidifier

Nice, sleek design


Night light might be bright for some people but you can tape it

No essential oil usage for this allergy humidifier

pointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

Want to confirm if this humidifier for  sinus fits within your budget?

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Vornado Evap40 Evaporative:

The Best Humidifier for asthma, sinus problems or allergies that humidifies large rooms

Moisture output

Vornado Evap40 is an evaporative humidifier. It sucks in dry air through two humidifying filters. The humidified air is circulated evenly and farther into the room using the Vornado signature Vortex action. NB-Do not expect to see mist as happens with other humidifiers as it is the sucked air that is humidified and released.

Humidity is controlled via an inbuilt humidistat. The easy to use control panel allows you to choose your desired humidity level and fan speed from low (night, smaller rooms), medium (medium rooms) or high (large rooms).

Room size

Up to 1,000 square feet.

Water Tank

This whole room humidifier has an extra-large 4 gallon tank and allows you to enjoy 24 hours of continuous humidified air before a refill.

Added benefits

With the Vornado Evap40 humidifier, you get the humidity in the environment controlled via the adjustable automatic humidistat

Five year limited warranty

Bacteria, mold / white dust control

The two filter system captures the impurities in the air and thus reduces white dust emission.

Use the Vornado wick filters (MD1-0002 1.5″ thick Filter Wick) when replacing for optimal effectiveness


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to  clean this best humidifier for sinus  problems.


  • Even quick humidification for large rooms
  • Two filter system
  • Adjustable humidistat to control humidity levels


  • Filter replacement cost
  • No auto shut off when tank runs empty and the fan continues running.
  • Noisy on high setting

pointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

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JBTOR 4L cool  mist  humidifier :

The Best Humidifier for allergies, sinusitis problems, or asthma that has a 360 degree adjustable mist spray

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...JBTOR 4L cool mist

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma…JBTOR 4L cool mist

Moisture output

JBTOR cool  mist  humidifier  use ultrasonic technology to diffuse cool mist from the 360-degree rotatable nozzle.  You  can  set  the   mist  to  the  direction  and  range  as  need  be.  You  can  choose  from  the  3 mist strength levels and  the 

The LED screen displays accurate real-time temperature and humidity levels.. Moreover, with  the  the inbuilt  timer, you  get  to setup the time  you  want  the  humidifier  to  run. When  that time  is  up, it auto shuts down.

While making  adjustments , the  touch panel  is  a great  plus  and you  can  also  use the  remote provided  for  your  convenience.

Tank capacity

Get this 4.5Liter Top  fill water reservoir humidifier for allergies  and you get 16-32 hours of continuous cool mist depending on mist setting. When tank is empty, the power indicator goes red and auto shut off feature kicks in to shut off the humidifying unit.

You  may  have  observed  from  the image  above  that  the  tank  surface  is  flat . To  fill  humidifier just open the tank and  refill.   The  tank  is  made of  ABS  material

Room size

This  humidifier  for  asthma is  best  suited for 350 to  500  square  feet room


JBTOR 4L cool  mist  humidifier is easy to clean. Open  the  cap,  manually  clean  and  dry  the  tank.  Its  advisable  to use distilled water to ease the cleaning process.

Added  benefits

You can diffuse  essential Essential oil .  Add  the  preferred  oil  to the  sponge  ring  found  on  the  nozzle cover.

Being an ultrasonic humidifier, it has a whisper quiet operation.

For  your  convenience, you  get  to  choose  from  three operation modes -sleep mode, timing mode, child lock.

Moreover you get to enjoy lifetime customer service and a 365 days limited warranty.

You can choose the color you want for your night light from 7 LED light choices


  • 360 degree mist spray allow you control mist direction
  • The  asthma  humidifier comes  with  a treated tank to suppress bacteria growth
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • lifetime customer service
  • The nightlight can be turned off as desired


  • Leaks if  tank  is  not properly fitted  on  the  basepointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

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JZK mini Portable: Portable travel humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...JZK mini Portable

Moisture output

You get a good stream of cool light mist from this portable humidifier. However, should you want some warm mist, you are advised to fill the lower bowl and upper bowl with hot water.

Bacteria, mold white dust control

JZK mini portable humidifier comes with a filter. The manufacturer also recommends use of filtered/distilled water for cleaner mist output.

Tank capacity

The tank is about 4 ounces (120mililiters) and diffuses 4-8 hours of light mist. Make a note to fill the lower and upper basin so as to enjoy the 8 hours.

This best humidifier for asthma automatically shuts off when tank is empty. For easy cleaning and cleaner mist, use distilled water. Please note that this humidifier does not diffuse essential oils.


When you have to deal with allergies, asthma or sinus problems, clean the tank as you refill. However, thoroughly clean the tank every week to prevent mold or bacteria growth. Fill the water tank and soak for an hour in a 50/50 water /white vinegar solution. Soak the filter and the spout as well.  Let the machine run until the tank is three quarter empty, and then empty the remaining solution. Thoroughly rinse and dry all parts.

You may need to replace the filter if you observe the presence of mold or discoloration. However, the manufacturer recommends a replacement every 1-3 months provided that the water is not hard and the environment is clean.

Additional features

Plug it using a USB cable or use the adapter

Use it to charge your mobile phone

The manufacturer promises a lifetime guarantee on this best humidifier for sinus problems.


  • Really budget friendly
  • Lifetime guarantee. You get a new one if the one you purchased does not work–WOW!
  • Use it to charge phone
  • Attractive design
  • Portable travel humidifier
  • You can plug this best humidifier for allergies  into a USB port
  • A choice of different colors
  • Small portable size that you can carry to moisten those dry hotel rooms
  • Very quiet
  • You can turn off the night light


  • Small tank thus need for frequent refill
  • Serves small rooms only

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Optimus U-31002 Cool Mist Ultrasonic; Best permanent filter Humidifier for allergies, asthma or sinus problems

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...Optimus U 31002 cool mist ultrasonic

Moisture output

This ultrasonic humidifier quickly disperses a good amount of mist into the air.  You can control the mist as desired via the adjustable mist control.

Bacteria/fungus control/ white dust control

You get a permanent filter to remove the germs and minerals before the mist is released.

Water Tank

The 1.1 gallon water tank diffuses 18 hours of continuous mist. The detachable tank is easy to refill.  Flip it, unscrew, fill the tank, tightly screw cap and re-tach.

Room size



Clean the best humidifier for  sinus  problems tank with a brush and other parts with chlorine breach water solution. Remember to also rinse the permanent filter after each refill for cleaner mist.

Added benefits of this humidifier for allergies

This unit shuts off in the tanks runs empty

You get a night light


  • Permanent filter that you just rinse off
  • Auto shut when empty
  • The night light can be turned off


  • Cannot stand on its own at the sink when refilling
  • A handle on the tank would be welcome

pointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

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Vicks Warm Mist: warm mist Humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...Vicks warm mist

Moisture output

Vicks warm mist humidifier boils water to produce steam vapor which is the cooled and dispersed as warm mist. To control the vapor output, use the adjustable control with dual adjustable settings. The humidifying unit shuts off when the required humidity is achieved.

Room size


Bacteria /mold control.

Bingo! This is one major benefit for those who experience allergy, asthma and sinus problems. The heating process kills 95% of bacteria, mold and spores and neutralizes allergens that may cause or aggravate the existing problem.

Soothing relief

The other great benefit is the fact that you can add the KAZ or Vicks Vaposteam inhalants to the medicine cup for additional relief.

Water tank

It is easy to detach the 1 gallon water tank and refill it. You enjoy 12 hours of warm mist and the best  humidifier for allergies  shuts off when tank is empty.


Vicks 745A is easy to take apart for cleaning. The large tank opening makes it easy to clean. Take special care to clean the heating element to remove mineral build up (refer to the cleaning tips below).

Added benefits

3 year warranty


  • This  humidifier  for  allergies heats  up the  water and  the heating kills bacteria/virus/mold
  • No filters = less maintenance cost


  • Not for large rooms
  • Place it out of the way and out of children’s reach as there is the possibility of scalding.
  • The heating process may lead to an increase in energy bill
  • Some gurgling noise as the water boils but you also get those germs killed which is good for the allergies/asthma. Less noise on low setting

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Honeywell GermFree HCM-350:  Humidifier for  asthma, sinus problems or  allergies that kills 99% fungus/ mold and filters out the white dust

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...Honeywell GermFree

Bacteria and mold

Honeywell has been designed to deal with bacteria that would aggravate your allergy. It is designed to remove 99% of the fungus, mold and bacteria and thus reduce your chances of an allergic flare ups.

White dust

This allergies humidifier has a wicking filter that removes the impurities in the water and thus reduces the white/gray dust emission. When replacing the filter, use the one recommended by the manufacturer for maximum effectiveness.

Room size


Moisture output

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier disperses cool invisible mist. You control the moisture output from 3 speed settings.

Water tank

You get 24 hours of continuous cool mist on low setting.

To refill, remove the tank (easy to remove), flip it upside down and fill it from the large opening.

Cleaning the  best humidifier for allergies

The large opening makes it easy to clean this unit. The parts that require cleaning are dishwasher safe which make this room humidifier easy to maintain.


  • Invisible mist
  • Easy quiet operation
  • UV light anti-microbial property


  • Filter replacements
  • Bulky

pointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

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Boneco/Air-O-Swiss 7135​: Best cool and warm mist humidifier for sinusitis, asthma or allergies

best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma...Boneco Air-o-Swiss warm and cool

Moisture output

This  humidifier that relies your  sinus problems  allows you to choose between warm (40°C) or cool mist as desired. BONECO uses ultrasonic technology to disperse 3.5 gallon of mist every 24 hours.

You can adjust the mist to preferred levels via the digital output control. Moreover, you can choose from 3 Performance levels or leave it at the auto mode (auto-mist technology) for fully automated functioning.

The sleep mode is a great setting while sleeping. Moreover you can use the timer function as desired.

Room size

Up to 650 feet square feet

Water tank

Remove the 1.75 gallon water tank and flip it to refill. The carry handle at the top makes it easy to carry the tank.  The best humidifier that  also relieves allergies  has an auto shut off when the tank is empty.

Bacteria and mold/ white dust control

The unit comes with a hydro cell that keeps the  water fresh for  longer and thus ensures optimal  water quality.

You also get a replaceable demineralization cartridge with this humidifier that assists  you  relieve for allergies, asthma and sinus problems. The cartridge filters out mineral and other impurities and thus minimizes white dust residues in the diffused mist.

Replace the hydro cell and filter every 2-3 months depending on water hardness and humidifier usage frequency.  You will know it is time for a replacement if you observe white dust or a decrease in the mist output.


The tank can be easily detached for cleaning. The nozzle also detaches from the tank for easy cleaning. Make use of the EZcal cleaner and de-scaler every 2 weeks.

 Added benefits

Easy to operate digital display

You get reminders when the unit needs a refill or the unit is due for cleaning.

You can use the timer to set desired switch on/off times.


  • Demineralization cartridge to filter out impurities that would otherwise aggravate or cause an allergic/asthma /sinus attack.
  • Programmable hygrostat that allows you to control humidity
  • Whisper quiet operation means you can place it in your bedroom


Filter and hydro cell replacement cost

pointing finger 1 Best Air Conditioners

Want to confirm if this humidifier fits within your budget?

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Tips and Precautions when using the humidifier  for sinus problems, allergies or asthma

First time use

Inspect all the parts

Ensure that you immediately unpack your best humidifier for sinus problems and confirm that you have received all items as indicated. Confirm that the parts are  free of defect or breakage. Quick action allows you to take advantage of the return policy and or the warranty.

Properly Assemble

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as you assemble and operate the unit. In case of queries, get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer service. You can also get help from other fellow users of the best humidifier for asthma in respective review sites.

Raising the humidity

Note that it may take some time  for your best humidifier for  allergies to move the humidity to the desired level depending on how dry the environment happens to be. Be patient as every other item in the same environment is competing for the same moisture.

Chemical plastic smell

The smell should go away after several refills with distilled water whilst using it in the open. Also clean the  humidifier for asthma in the recommended manufacturer solution.



A dirty filter means that you most likely you may end up breathing in unhealthy air that will aggravate or cause allergy, asthma or sinus flare up.  Pay special attention to the condition of the best humidifier for sinusitis, allergies or asthma filter as often as possible.

Other than the health aspect, a dirty filter reduces the effectiveness of the machine and   thus stops you from enjoying the full benefits expected

Clean the filter and replace it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Always ensure that your replacement is the recommended model.   What about keeping a spare filter on standby so that you do not find yourself in a situation where you have to forego using the humidifier when you need it most?

Take time to air the filter when you are not using the best humidifier for sinus problems. And, please do not leave the  filter in the humidifier when you are not using it. The wet environment is perfect for growing unhealthy micro-organisms.

The  best humidifier for asthma filter replacement

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, most users change the filter in the humidifier when they observe discoloration or notice a drop in moisture output. Make a point of inspecting the filter condition when you note that the humidifier is using less water than normal.

Use of distilled water or install a reverse osmosis filtered water system or bacteriostat treatment

When you refill the best humidifier for allergies with distilled water, you get to breath in cleaner air. It is also easier to clean the humidifying unit since the water does not have minerals. Click here to learn how to easily make distilled water  at home.

Also take care not to overfill as some humidifiers stop working


A dirty humidifier will disperse unclean mist which may cause an allergic /asthma/ sinus attack. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean up the tank, heating element, essential oil compartment etc.

Build up on the heating element will reduce the effectiveness of your  humidifier. For the warm mist humidifiers, some users soak the heating element and plastic in the white vinegar solution for several hours and then scrap off the mineral build up (orange stuff) with a tooth brush or screw driver.


Make sure you have the rubber seal/ring / washer in proper place and then tightly screw the cap. To be on the safe side, place a cookie sheet, tray or pan under the humidifier.


Place your humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma on a flat surface.

Essential oil

It is not advisable to add essential oils in the water tank as some oils degrade the plastic and thus affect the lifespan. Only apply it to the designated compartment for the units that have been designed as diffusers.

Night light

Some people have issues with the night light. And use duct tape to cover it up when the humidifier does not have an off button.

Final thoughts on best humidifier for allergies, sinusitis problems,  or asthma

From the aforementioned, it is quite clear that you need to be more careful when making a choice of the best humidifier for sinus problems, allergies or asthma. You cannot go for just any regular humidifier. Make sure you get this humidifying unit has a mechanism to deal with allergens that are in the water as you deal with the allergens in the environment.

Make a choice from the ones listed above and get a relieve from sinusitis, allergies or asthma symptoms.

Have an allergy, asthma, sinus problem free day!

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