Air conditioner for small window: hOmeLabs 5000 BTU versus Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU

When we think air conditioners, some of brands that quickly come to mind include GE, hOmeLabs, Emerson, LG, Koldfront and Frigidaire among others.  The brands are popular among homeowners as they manufacture high quality, reliable and dependable appliances. When searching for an air conditioner for  small  window 5000 BTU, we assist  you make  a  quick  choice  by comparing two of the best brands.

These two companies engineer high quality home appliances that are user-friendly, modern and   intuitive. 

hOmeLabs 5000 BTU  mini  compact window  mounted  air  conditioner


Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU AC for  small  window

Air conditioner for small window: hOmeLabs 5000 BTU versus Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU

Small window air conditioner unit size

 The air Conditioning units size is almost the  same with  Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E small window AC unit measuring e16 inches width,15-1/4 inches deep and 12 inches height.

The hOmeLabs 5000 BTU AC unit measures 16” width, 12” height and 15.4”depth.


The  weight  is  critical  when  transporting  and  especially  during  the  installation of the air conditioner for small window.  The less  the weight  the easier  the handling  when  mounting on the  window.

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000BTU  AC   is   5.5 pounds heavier at 41 pounds compared to hOmeLabs  36.5 pounds.

Window size

 Measure  your  window before  purchasing  the small AC to  ensure  that  you  get  a  good fit.

Both mini ACs are ideal for windows measuring between 23 – 36 inches wide and at least 13 inches high.

Room size

The bigger the room  size, the  more  the BTU  capacity. These AC units for small window have  5000BTU capacity and are  good  for  cooling   small rooms up to 150 square feet.

The Power requirements

 It is  critical  that  you  know your  power outlet specifications before  you  purchase  your  small  window  air  conditioning unit  to  ensure  that  it  will support the  energy needs  of  the  appliance.

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU AC uses the standard 115 V three prong power outlet whereas hOmeLabs 5000 BTU AC requires a 110V/120V, 460 watts and 3 prong power outlet. Your choice here depends on the electrical outlet voltage.

The Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU AC comes with an extra-long cord (6′ (6-1/2′).  The  hOmeLabs 5000BTU AC cord is  also  long  at 6 feet which  means  you  do  not need  an extension cord.  (Well,  for  your  safety, it’s  not  advisable  to  use  the standard  extension  cable for  such  major  appliances).  The pLug type is NEMA LCDI (5-15P).

Installing the air conditioner for small window

The tiny light AC units are easy to install. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU AC comes with a window mounting kit as well as pleated quick side panels that you can extend to fit your window size.  In the hOmeLabs 5000 BTU AC package, you find a support bracket, window seal foam and side panel leaf covers.  Both come with an installation guide.


The two mini compact air conditioners are designed with easy to use mechanical rotary controls.

Cooling performance

hOmeLabs 5000 BTU small AC unit is  a  faster  cooling AC with 7 speeds, adjustable high and low fan settings and two-way (side to side) airflow. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000BTU mini AC comes with 2 cooling speeds and the 2 fan speeds. The air direction is   2-way.   With The Effortless™ Temperature Control, you set the temperature desired in the room.

When you switch off the air conditioning unit, the Frigidaires built in Effortless™ Restart will ensure the best window air conditioner unit resumes operation at its previous settings the next time you switch it on.


It so  happens  that  the  humidity  levels  during  summer is  high as  hot  air  holds  more  moisture. The humidity levels in the home should be between 30% – 50% and not exceed 60%. Above 60% humidity may have negative   health conditions such as common cold, flu, headache, fatigue etc.  The high  humidity  may  also trigger  or aggravated  existing conditions  such  as Asthma ,wheezing, pneumonitis , rhinitis, cough,  skin rashes and hives.

Both Small window Air conditioners assist in maintaining the right humidity levels in the up to 150 square feet  room  as each  AC dehumidifies up to 1.1 pints per hour.  It is good  to  note that  the room  size  is  not bigger than  the  recommended  size  as  the  AC may  not  dehumidify  as  desired.

The Small window AC Filter

 As  you  get  cool  and  comfy, both  ACs  come  with  filters to filter bacteria,  air borne particles and odors. 

The manufacturers  have seen  to  it that you  enjoy the  nice, healthy,  clean  air without having to buy  new  filters  every now  and  then. To this end, both ACs come with a removable slide out anti -bacterial filter that is reusable.

The filters are easily cleaned with warm (not hot) water and let to air dry thoroughly.  If  handwashing is  not your  cup  of  tea,  you  may choose  to  vacuum  clean the  eco  filter with  a  dust buster.

Compact ACs Energy efficiency

An AC’s efficiency is measured by the energy efficiency ratio (EER). The EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (BTU per hour) to the power input (in watts) source. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be and thus more economical.  The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of both small window air conditioners is 11.1.

 To reduce   your energy costs, the two  mini window AC units also have  a  low power start-up   feature. 

Tiny window air conditioner Noise level

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000BTU is quieter at 56.5 dBA whereas hOmeLab is within the acceptable rate  for  an AC at 60.4 dBA.   Well, If noise  is  a  major determining factor in  your purchase decision considerations,  the  Frigidaire is  the  way  to  go.

 The mini AC window units safety certification

The Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E small window air con unit has a UL/CUL (SA11087) and AHAM Safety Certification.

Guarantee/ warranty

The longer the warranty, the more you are likely to save on service costs. For the hOmeLabs 5000BTU, you get a limited 2 year warranty. For Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E, the warranty is limited   2 year warranty and limited 3-5 warranty on the sealed system.

 Remember  that  you need  to buy  a  new  an  unused AC  from  authorized  resellers  and have  proof  of  purchase to benefit from the  limited  warranty.

Final word on the two air  conditioners for  small  window

Majority  of  the  features  are similar for  both  small  window  unit  ACs. If  you  prefer the  air conditioning  unit that is  a little  lighter  and quickly  cools your  150 square  feet  room,   hOmeLabs   is  your  choice.  However,  if  you  want a quieter,  UL/ CUL/AHAMA certified  for  safety  mini compact window  unit, Frigidaire  is  your  choice.  Moreover, Frigidaire has a limited 3-5 year guarantee on the sealed system and the AC is.

 Make your choice, beat the heat and enjoy the warmth while it lasts….

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